November 30, 2009

Don't be tardy for the party .... giveaway!!! It's our Birthday!!!!

Let's get this party started!!! Whip out the balloons, confetti, and the bubbly...
The Six Sisters are having a Birthday!!!
( Join us in our spazzy dance- altogether now!!)
December 14th is the big day and you all are invited to join us for a...


Angelique and I, " Go together like peas and carrots.."

and just like peas and carrots we want to give you the opportunity to win things that go together.

Visit Six In One Hand to complete the pair
  and another chance to win!!  There is a total of 6 different gifts that you can win!!!
(Get it? Six sisters .. Six gifts? Twins.. in pairs? )
(genius I

Gift # 1 - A Starbucks gift card!!!! 
( And who doesn't enjoy a good book from Barnes and Nobles to go with it? hmmm hmmmm?)

Gift #2- A $15 iTunes gift  card !! 
(Some soothing aroma therapy from a Tyler candle will  help set the mood)

( I can see you already- " I just want your extra time and your....kiss." )

Gift # 3 - A super duper surprise !!!!! 
Do not forget - if you want  the complimenting gift..
go over to Six in One Hand for a chance to win!!!

Now you ladies ( and gents ) know the rules:
1. Join the Conga line and get ready to party...
(Become a follower..)
( Leave a comment)
3.Invite all of your friends
( Make a post linking back to us..)

You will not want to miss this will be an all star lineup.
Red.neck chic will surely be on the dance floor two-steppin' the night away as
Primitiques 'n Poetry mixes up the drinks at the bar. I hope she brings her famous eggnog.
And of course my girl Quixotic Life will be bouncing at the door. She has SPUNK!!!
 And no party would be complete without Fiona and Twig and her divine decorations!!
I will be the one on the stage with the champagne in my hand singing, " Don't be tardy for the party.."

Thank you bloggy divas for helping us celebrate our birthday!!!!
Please pass on the invites to our party. Hope to see you there!!!

Bippity, Boppity, BOO.... Giveaway!!!!

This is my fairy blog mother ...
She is having an awesome giveaway...
in celebration of her .....
(drum roll please)
Anne is giving away a $25 gift card to Anthropologie  !!!

So please go visit my fairy blog mother.....
Bippity, Boppity. BOO!!!

(Just a note... Cinderella's godmother wishes she is as cool as Anne. )

November 29, 2009

50 and counting.... Thank you!

I'm decorating around here.. putting up my reindeer..

and what to my wondering eyes do appear ?

More than fifty followers on my blog are here!!! 

I let out a scream , I let out an,"Alright!!" 
Which mind you gave my hubby such a  great fright. 
Everyone rushed to the pc with glee...
I cried Icried..
"They are all here to see lil ole me!" 

I picked some paper and grabbed me a pen...
And decided to let the thank you's begin.
Thank you bloggy divas for all the love that you have shown me!! 
I would have never imagined all of the support that I received since my arrival
let alone more than 50 followers. 
I cannot say thank you enough.
Merci, Danke, Grazie, and Gracias!!!!!

I'm dreaming of a vintage Christmas ...

Do you hear what I hear?
The sounds of Christmas.
( Yes, that is Ave Maria you hear in the background)
This week I will decorate my home in the spirit of Christmas.
Trees will go up, garland will be hung, and Christmas music will fill our home.
I am left to reminisce of Christmas past...
(here is where a really cute photo of me and Angelique were going to go but my scanner has a mind of its own today)

I grew up surrounded by all things vintage.. Literally. They hold a special place in my heart.
I have a deep rooted passion for vintage angels...

and Santas...

This one reminds me of the Santa my aunt had in her front yard every year.
(Even after his red was wearing off she placed him out there faithfully... When he couldn't stand anymore she tied him to a planter. He looked like he was being held hostage.  lol) 

 I loved decorating the tree

and placing all of the beautiful ornaments on it. 

 We even strung popcorn into garland. 
(I do not think that my aunt ever questioned why the garland was thinner each morning.. we ate it.
Hey, we were like 6!) 

Some people dream of sugar plums .....I dream of an old fashioned vintage Christmas .

November 28, 2009

"Both of you?" ....

Yes.... Both of the Six sisters went to Athens, Tx!!!
I also brought along my trusty sidekick daughter Morgan.

(She is such a teenager! Ipod always in tow)
After a very looong car ride we arrived to visit our bloggy friends at

I could not feel my legs anymore but it was soooo worth the wait and the drive.
As soon as we arrived my mouth fell to the floor...

The bible says we will all have our very own mansion when we arrive in heaven.
I found it .. and it is in Athens, Tx!!

There was sooo much to see I could barely take it all in.

(That's me on the left and Angelique on the right- we were"oohing" the whole time.)

I met the lovely and hilarious Mindy of  Primitiques 'n Poetry
She is an amazing woman with an awesome sense of style and humor.
("Both of you?? LOL -Mindy we laughed for 3 hours later on that one)

I won one of those beautiful decanters in a drawing!!!
(pics of that to follow)

I am still buzzing on all of the exquisite creations and finds that were there.  
( I know I must have looked like a tourist with my camera snapping away.)
This is one of those quiet moments where you just take it all in and enjoy.
So sit back, grab some hot tea, let your fingers just glide over the mouse and Enjoy!!!



I told you it was Ammmmaaaazzzing!!!

In addition to the eye candy, I had the privilege of meeting some very talented and remarkable people.
The amazing beauty and Cat Daddy of Talking Trash
The Divine Robelyn of Red . neck Chic

and the fantastic Ms. Gloria of Sweet Pea

I agree Ms. Gloria- Thumbs up!!

There were even refreshments... as you can see.
( my brother-in-law and daughter camped out there lol)

And rescued rabbits for you to adopt.
And of course I bought some great"finds" as well.

If you have never been to Athens, Tx. You are truly missing out!!
These ladies and gents truly inspire me and if you were to visit them ... you would be inspired to!!