June 5, 2010

Where does the time go????

Wow, has it been that long since I checked in with my girls?? (and gents..)
I guess so....
I have been busy with many things since we last saw one another.
I went back to work ...after 7 months at home sharing my daily thoughts with you and one bum knee..
While at home I launched a lil cake business out of my kitchen
Spoonful of Sugar
Creating cakes in the most delightful way....
That's me... 
I have been a busy little bee...
And we packed up the truck and moved to Beverly....
ok next door. But moving is still moving. I hate to pack!! You never know how much stuff you have until you have to move it from one location to another.
And the proudest moment was watching my nephew graduate!!
I am so proud of the young man my nephew has turned into.
When "Pomp and Circumstance" began to play , the tears began to flow.
The same lil one that was terrified of standing on grass was now marching into his future. 
As he threw up his "rock on "sign- we all held our up rock on's back.
That's right Alex- "Rock on" to whatever your hearts desire!! We are here for you and could not be prouder!!
I too am following my  heart's desire..
thus the reason for my tardiness.
But I am still here..
Now that the dust has setteled you will see more of me.
I promise!! I miss my blogging divas....
hope you missed me too.


  1. Ooooooooo, yes! You were missed!

    Glad to see you back posting :)


  2. You did disappear for a while, but welcome back. Good luck with the cake business and congratulations to your nephew.

  3. Hi Misty!! Sounds like you've been one busy girl. The cake business sounds so fun and a great way to express your creativity! And yea, moving can be a nightmare, glad you're settling in. Take care, we've missed ya,


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