April 17, 2010

Every girl is a princess...

and this birthday girl was no exception.
Yesterday I made this .. three tier buttercream with fondant decorations.
The mom wanted butterflies with purple and pink decorations.
The cake will have a crown placed in front of the feathers ...a regal touch I think.
I added ribbon roses to add some whimsy to it.
The butterflies have edible pearl accents to the body to make it princess worthy.
A princess has to have some jewels!!!
I also added an edible dusting powder to the all of the roses, gumballs (made of fondant) and butterflies.
Trust me the pic does not show the bling in all it's glory. 
I also thre in some matching cupcakes for a bonus...
I pray she liked it.. I enjoyed making it.
Happy birthday to the princess...
hope your cake made your day even more special!!