February 26, 2010

I can't leave comments

I apologize if you think I have deserted you..
for some reason I cannot leave comments. I do not understand this. I waited thinking this would pass but no such luck. SO if you haven't seen any of my comments recently ..it's becasue I can't .

Flowers, Ribbons, and bows ... OH MY!!!

I thought I would share some of my work so far. 
(Sorry about the pics in advance. Not my best photography)
For the last 2 days I have been making fondant flowers, ribbons, and bows... OH MY ...
I know have a "crick" in my neck from pinstakingly cutting flowers and other elements for my parents wedding cake. 
This is a sample cascade that will go on the cake. 
Granted, if I had more time to plan.. these would be bad ass.
I decided to go with a  Mary Engelbreit  themed flower for a whimsy look.
I pray that my mom and dad love it.. I will take like.
They are not very over the top people ..so I decided their cake should represent them.
I also have roses and leaves, that I cut and shaped by hand ..like a nut. LOL
These are just a few, there are many more. Trust me ..many many more.
 One of my roses.. I was hoping the pic would show the pearl dust that I hand sprinkled on each and every flower. But no such luck. It is really a nice touch .. let me tell ya. Sparkly... I love it.
Ok I have to run.. got to make more flowers!!!

February 24, 2010

I am soooo sentimental...

Isn't she purty?? Yes, she is a pretty gurl. And I am going to make her a sister.
(This photo is from google) 
My parents are celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary this Sunday.
My mom and dad never had a wedding or anything of the sort..so I am going to make them a wedding cake.
It will model this one but with a few changes.
I am hoping that they will like it. I am going to start on it today.
Making tons of flowers by hand so that will be time consuming!!
I am a sentimnetal person and I would like my parents to have a wedding cake.
They never posed for a wedding picture but I found a beautiful pic of them together and had it framed and all of the family wrote a message on the mat for them a few years ago. They LOVED IT!!! It hangs in their living room for all to see. I think my mom wanted to cry but she is not the crying type. 
I love to see my mama smile....
maybe Sunday I can make that happen.

February 19, 2010

Not saying this was right...

but I understand the frustration...
Some gentleman crashed his plane into the IRS offices in Austin, Tx  yesterday.
What a tragic and terrible event this was..
The man in question had some tax issues..from what I understand the IRS had put a suspension on both of his businesses.
With my current IRS situation.. I can somewhat understand his aggrivation. However, this is a tad extreme.
My heart goes out ot all of those who were involved in the events on yesterday.
I pray that all the families involved find some peace and understanding through this time of difficulty. 
If you are being audited ... please just fill out the paperwork.
Have a blessed weekend .

February 17, 2010

Taxes.....Need I say More??

see that guy that is upside down? 
That's me and the person shaking me ..the IRS. 
I was randomly chosen to be audited this year..oooh what an honor.
If you have never had the joy nor the experience .. be thankful, VERY THANKFUL!!
I love my government and am a law abiding citizen but the IRS chaps me hide right now.
I do not know why we are having to do this but ok.. I'll do it.
The part that quizzes me the most is how much information they want.
I say want because NEED would be an overstatment.
After I filled out all of the paper work today.. I am beat.
And I still have more!!! 
Do you really need to know how much the toothfairy left me for my first tooth??
Ok they did not ask that but they might as well have.. they asked EVERYTHING ELSE.
Sorry about the vent but I needed to get it off of my chest.. hope you all have a blessed week. 
I will probalby be back on Monday .. I have tons of tax homework to do!! 

February 15, 2010

Workout day 1

Sorry there will be no pics on this post..
I worked out today!!! 
Why all excited you ask? 
Well, I have been sitting here watching the pounds pile on for the last five months while I was on leave. 
I didn't eat any more than usual but being injured made me less active than I have ever been in my life.
I have always been pretty active doing my day to day stuff - which equals walking at least 5 miles everyday.
But I have never actually had to workout a day in my life. Until now...
Being thin and in shape came naturally to me..always did.
But somewhere around 33 ye ole metabloism kicked in... or slowed down I should say.
So this morning, my knee was feeling pretty good and I walked a mile!! 
Followed by 100 situps, leg throws, and calf raises. 
I am going to do this twice a day from now on.
With Sunday being the exception..even God rested on the Sabbath. 
Well, wish me luck..
p.s. I will publish pics of my end result.. but until then you will have to use your imagination...lol

February 11, 2010

What a girl wants....

 A Cricut Cake Machine!!!!
I literally drooled the first time I saw this little baby!!!
Oh I want one...Oh I am going to get one. Now, when that day will be...I don't know right now.
I want to start my own little cake business in the near future but with times being the way they are I will wait.
Back to my dream machine....
place your gumpaste in the machine and it cuts out tons of designs for you!!! 
Look at what you can do...
How awesome is this?? 
Something that would have taken forever now has cut your time in half.
The possibilities are endless...and I can't wait. 
 So, if you have a cake decorator in your family- this is the IDEAL gift.
Hint hint Mr.H!!

February 10, 2010

My other hobby ...

Cake decorating!!! 
This was my take on a sushi Birthday cake for my nephew Alex.
He turned 18 a few weeks ago...
I am soooo proud of him. Alex is the oldest son of my twin Angelique..
he LOVES all things Japanese.
Mainly sushi...
So I airbrushed the cake to look like a wooden serving board and hand molded all of the susi and 
and it's extras. Yes, I made the fortune cookie... all out of fondant and rice crispie treats and candy.
The bowl is also made of fondant.. it was suppose to be a soy sauce bowl. I was SUPPOSE to put
chocolate sauce in it.. Don't ask why I didn't.
This is only a small portion of the sushi that Alex had at his party..
Sooooo delicious!!!!
I think Alex had a good time....
Happy 18th Alex!!!!!

February 9, 2010

When you see greatness ....

you acknowledge it !! 
Do you see this beauty?  This handmade gem has many others to match. 
Whatever your taste.. 
There is something to fit your fancy....
I personally own one similiar to this. 
Each piece is unique and each rock is from my own little Conroe, TX.
There are no two the same.
Look for some of these great pieces the next time you are in my neck of the woods.
Designers Joe and Walt Cordaro 
 are uniqely talented brothers who are coming into their own.
I have personally watched them create visual marvels over the last few years.
You can usually find their wares on Loop 336 in Conroe- Next to Shipley's. 
 The Cordaro brothers are also launching a new website: Thoughtstones.com
So the next time you see one of these extremely talented designers - stop by and look at their eco friendly and spectacular pieces of art. 
P.S. The prices are phenomenal!!!

February 7, 2010

Let's Celebrate!!!!

Big thanks for everyone who inquired about me during my "vacation."
I wouldn't call it quite a vacation... but the rest was much needed. 
This is Superbowl Sunday!!!
I am personally cheering for the Saints!!
Mr. H is rallying behind the colts.
(This should be interesting)
The world will be celebrating today one way or another..
We had a celebration in our family too.
A few weeks ago this very chic young lady turned 87!!!
That is my Aunt Ruth.. the STRONGEST woman I have EVER met!!!
Seriously. No Joke. She is a phenomenal woman who has overcome mountains that I pray I never have to climb.
I come from a very small family...approx. 15 members.
We are pretty close nit. So we all got together and threw my aunt a surprise get together.
The entire family was there. 
(sorry about the blur)
That's me eating cake...the birthday girl in the background!!
She gave me a gift years ago that no one could ever take from me
the gift of art. She saw something in me when I was like 10. 
I use to try to sketch little things here and there and she enrolled me in oil painting.
This is my 2nd painting. It came so naturally to me. My art teacher would give me a picture and let me do my thing. As you can see from the signature, I still could not write in paint but I could paint. Go figure.
I gave this to here when I was 11. It was a birthday present for her.
A portrait of Jesus. My first and last portrait.
and Lo and Behold...
Aunt Ruth can paint too!!! 
I told you she was amazing!! 

Happy Birthday Aunt Ruth may you see many more because we have so much more to learn.

Photos by my baby Taylor

February 5, 2010

Twins of a feather...

Flock together!!!
I have met some amazing ladies and gents here in bloggy land.
But I have also visited the twilight zone.....
From day one I had the distinct pleasure and honor of getting to know the wonderful duo of 
Micki and Terri are the through the looking glass version of Angelique and myself. The similiarities are FREAKY!!!
These two women are crafting divas in their own right and have a simply divine blog  that I read faithfully.
So when Micki and Terri contacted us about being guest bloggers for their series 
of course we said yes!!! 
Please stop by their  blog and say hello. While you are there make sure to look around, they do not mind.
You will not be disappointed. 

February 2, 2010

My 100th post and counting....

This is my 100th post !!!
WOW.. that went by quickly!!! 
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support as I recoup.
I can now bend my knee but I still walk funny. I kinda waddle like a duck. You can stop snickering at me now...lol.
But while I have been out I have been working on some things that really needed to be taken care of.
I will post about those later today.
But I have been watching from the wings.
(Did you think that I could just go cold turkey??)
I was reading my dear friend Julie Marie of Idllyhours
posted this great post ,"I refuse to be a stepford wife!"
I was sooo caught up in her post that my girls truly believed I had "caught the holy ghost".
"Amens!" were flying out of my mouth like I was sitting on the front pew of my church! 
So upon talking to my beautiful and terribly creative sis, we came up with this:
Yes that is correct!!! 
This is our award...it is to acknowledge all my bloggy divas who think outside the box and cherish individuality!!
Basically, you do you and don't give a damn what others think.
So here are my first recipients:
for truly inspiring this award!!

If you have never been by these ladies blogs... oh you are missing out!!! 
There will be many more passed out..trust me. 
And to my bloggy buddies that do not accept awards.. I understand.
I really hate that because there are some truly unique blogs out there!! 
Well, enjoy and remember to stay true to yourself.
p.s. to Mr. Anonmous - this one's for you..wink!!
Feel free to pass it on!!!