February 5, 2010

Twins of a feather...

Flock together!!!
I have met some amazing ladies and gents here in bloggy land.
But I have also visited the twilight zone.....
From day one I had the distinct pleasure and honor of getting to know the wonderful duo of 
Micki and Terri are the through the looking glass version of Angelique and myself. The similiarities are FREAKY!!!
These two women are crafting divas in their own right and have a simply divine blog  that I read faithfully.
So when Micki and Terri contacted us about being guest bloggers for their series 
of course we said yes!!! 
Please stop by their  blog and say hello. While you are there make sure to look around, they do not mind.
You will not be disappointed. 


  1. It was truly our pleasure!
    teri & micki

  2. That is cool. I will check their blog out. Thanks for all of your comments on my blog - I appreciate them!

    Your blog is awesome!


  3. I will have to go and visit these two!

    Hope you will have a lovely weekend! We are expecting 12-24 inches of snow here...blech!!

    xoxo, LuLu

  4. I will definately visit their blog! love your new background lady and that photo of the other twins is just precious:) As always thanks so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments...

  5. Why is it that I went over there to visit and could just TOTALLY see the two of you going back and forth 90 to nuthin'!!! An affair?!!? Abandoning your new born? Holy crap I am laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my GOSH that made a bad day so much better!!! Thank you for sending me over yonder!!!

    You both are precious - you though... good grief - your own child didn't know you? LOLOLOL

    ;-) LYLAS!!!

  6. That was a cute post y'all did!

    So, is that you on the left in the photo???


  7. Sounds very interesting, I will check it out!!! You have a super weekend my dear!!!
    Margaret B

  8. Oh, I thought for SURE I could tell y'all apart! ;-)



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