February 2, 2010

My 100th post and counting....

This is my 100th post !!!
WOW.. that went by quickly!!! 
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support as I recoup.
I can now bend my knee but I still walk funny. I kinda waddle like a duck. You can stop snickering at me now...lol.
But while I have been out I have been working on some things that really needed to be taken care of.
I will post about those later today.
But I have been watching from the wings.
(Did you think that I could just go cold turkey??)
I was reading my dear friend Julie Marie of Idllyhours
posted this great post ,"I refuse to be a stepford wife!"
I was sooo caught up in her post that my girls truly believed I had "caught the holy ghost".
"Amens!" were flying out of my mouth like I was sitting on the front pew of my church! 
So upon talking to my beautiful and terribly creative sis, we came up with this:
Yes that is correct!!! 
This is our award...it is to acknowledge all my bloggy divas who think outside the box and cherish individuality!!
Basically, you do you and don't give a damn what others think.
So here are my first recipients:
for truly inspiring this award!!

If you have never been by these ladies blogs... oh you are missing out!!! 
There will be many more passed out..trust me. 
And to my bloggy buddies that do not accept awards.. I understand.
I really hate that because there are some truly unique blogs out there!! 
Well, enjoy and remember to stay true to yourself.
p.s. to Mr. Anonmous - this one's for you..wink!!
Feel free to pass it on!!! 


  1. We are truely honored! Thank you so much!!! I posted the picture on our blog, but I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a button to link back here. I have a link in the post... We are truely humbled!!!

  2. Oh, & congrats on your 100th post!!!! Our 100th post is will be Thursday I think!

  3. Oh my goodness! How sweet of you to make my post into an award! I proudly accept this and will post it on my sidebar with a link to your blog immediately! I know everyone in blogland does not agree with everyone else on alot of things... politics, religion,decorating, you name it... but to me, the whole idea of a personal blog is just that, make it personal, make it YOU... I may not ALWAYS agree with the "you's", but I will ALWAYS respect the "you's" out there and enjoy their posts! I will never, ever be a "Stepford Wife" in blogland...and try to impress others by being someone other than myself... I am happy you will not be either!!! Merci! xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Sorry, I got so wrapped up in my award, I forgot to congratulate you on your 100th post! CONGRATULATIONS!!! xoxo Julie Marie

  5. What a neat award! Congrats to all. I'm so glad you are coming out to the blog party, really looking forward to meeting you! Can't wait...

  6. I sent you an email reply about guest posting, did you get it? I am so technologically illiterate, who knows it could be orbiting cyberspace somewhere.

  7. Oh - THANK YOU!!! You rock!!! I do me... and duct tape too! LOLOL Better watch out - I might try to finish fixing up your knee with duct (or would that be... duck? quack quack) tape! And hello - 100 posts?!!? That's awesome... please give me 100 more posts (and then a hundred more... then a hundred more... and so on.)! LOLOL

    Thank You Again!!! Now I'd gots to think 'bout this here award....hmmmmm....

    ;-) xoxoxo

  8. Oh my gosh - I just read Idyllhours post... I'm with you!!! I love LOVE it!!!! Thank You for thinking I'm not a robot and sending me there!!!

    Now, really - I'm not going to lurk anymore...well, yes I am, but...to heck with it.


  9. Congratulations on your 100th post!
    I just gotta say- your posts tickle me pink and make me laugh so hard that I tinkle sometimes. Damn, now where did I hide those Depends? ;)

  10. Oh, thank you!! Thank you! Just when I was starting to feel a little uninspired and unsure of myself along comes this! Glad you are on the mend, how's the gaming addiction working out? :oP

  11. Congrats sweetie! 100 posts comes quick!

    Glad you are getting about. I hope you continue to progress each day.

    Love to you,

  12. That's a great idea! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.

  13. Congratulations on 100!!! :) Now don't go getting carpal tunnel on me... :) I hope you're feeling better soon! *Hugs*

  14. Congrats on your 100th post! i hope you are feeling better!

  15. Love this! Congrats to all! And so glad you are feeling better!

  16. Fantastic and so pleased to see you back writing as I, for one, have missed you. Keep on mending that knee :)

  17. You are the best!!! I love getting cool and sassy awards from blog land! You rock....can't wait to post it on up there...thanks again sista!

  18. Big congrats on #100!
    Well done, and I'll see you in the Spring!


  19. Congrats on your 100th- such an edgy blog! And thanks for stopping by mine :)

  20. What's going on here? Ducks, wings, turkey...if I didn't know better, I'd think you were in a "fowl" mood!
    Great choices and I'm off to see your muse for this award.
    P.S. Send me your address, please!

  21. i haven't been over here since you re-designed .. now make me feel bad and tell me .. oh, i did that in december ..sorry .. i am loving it though .. esp the side papers and medallions .. and the banner/header is so ed hardy .. i want it so bad .. hope you are staying dry .. glad to hear you are on the road to recovery ..

    my best ..

  22. oh, HUGE congrats to you for your 100th post!! And thank you for your SwEeT comment!!!! I'll go check out your friends blogs!!! Glad you're doing better....hugs deb

  23. Misty, hope today is a better day for you.I had to laugh because my son is so into gaming and was picked from Louisiana to be a judge in San Diego at a gaming tournament. I have to be honest, I have never played any games, but would love to try W1 with the bowling and a few other things. I'm not quick with the fingers and my granddaughter laughs when I try.
    I wish I had the spirit you have, because my family walks all over me and I sit and take it. I want so badly to call the ignorant person who posted a few choice names, but most of the time, that is what they are after. I posted on the page about Obama and while I didn't vote for him or McCain, I respect everyone's choice. That is what freedom is all about. Right now all I see is him bailing out all the rich companies and hurting us who are in the middle, lower, and poor category.
    I have several books of Maya Angelo and she is so enlightened and I love to read her books over and over. I have many African Amercian friends and I have been called many names, too ugly to post, but I believe they are jealous and very rasist. In fact we have one of the most racist people living across from my Ex and one day, she will mess with the wrong person. I had sisters living on both sides of us(when I was with my other half) and they are like family, but one sister moved because she needed a bigger house for her husband, but had she stayed, the woman at the corner was in for a big surprise-lol.Your blog is wonderful and I'm glad you visited mine. Big Hugs, Pat

  24. Big congrants on your 100th post! That is an honor in it slef. Thanks so much for you comment about the infamous "button". I am glad to know I am in the same good company.
    smiles, alice


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