January 22, 2010

Why you so obsessed with me???

This is what my poor playstation asked me today...
Thank you everyone for your prayers. I am getting better daily.
I can walk without my crutches for a short distance.
There is still quite alot of swelling but I am making progress.
Now here is what I have been doing while at home...

Not on my pc but on my poor playstation.
I always liked video games but now I am obsessed!!!
The guy at gamestop knows me and my crutches by name.
I know this isn't forever but since I am at home and bored senseless...
it is official. I am now a gammer.

Mr. H has even joined me.
He stayed up with me one night until 4.a.m.
I play when my knee hurts really bad. It distracts me. That was the worst night and he hung in there with me.
Poor thing he was yawning the entire time.
Stop laughing.....
I know I should do something more productive but it is kind of nice to be a kid in the privacy of my room.
I never really got to do that kind of stuff when I was younger.
Soo until I can fully go back to being a mom..
(I tried to clean my bathroom the other day..ouch!)
I'm a gammer!!


  1. You scared me at first. I thought that COWARD came back fo mo!!!! 8-) And then the title of your blog got that damn Mariah song stuck in my head....to Eminem....Why you so obsessed wit me???? Glad your getting better. But, don't become an addict....although if I had to pick between gamming and the pain pills....I guess you are doing good! Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

  2. whatever is legal and gets you through the day... is okay... take care of yourself...

  3. I say let the inner teenager in you be free!!! stay up all night playing video games, roll your eyes at all adults, demand no-one enter your room without express permission and of course, sneak the odd beer from your old man!!! lol

  4. Hope you are feeling better. I know what you mean by being bored. I was the same way when I had my surgery, if it wasn't for the computer I would have gone crazy. No housework for three months should be a dream but it wasn't for me! lol
    Feel better soon,

  5. We've been missing you, and hope there is nothing major going on (I mean besides all the other major things going on). I hope all is well. It looks like this week may not be good for you guys, no worries, we'll catch you later if that works better! Prayers are coming your way!

  6. All right girl, where are you? I think this is the longest you have ever gone without posting. We are missing you and your great posts! They always make me smile!
    p.s. I guess last week got busy for yall', we'd still love to have you guys guest post, let me know if you still want to.


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