February 7, 2010

Let's Celebrate!!!!

Big thanks for everyone who inquired about me during my "vacation."
I wouldn't call it quite a vacation... but the rest was much needed. 
This is Superbowl Sunday!!!
I am personally cheering for the Saints!!
Mr. H is rallying behind the colts.
(This should be interesting)
The world will be celebrating today one way or another..
We had a celebration in our family too.
A few weeks ago this very chic young lady turned 87!!!
That is my Aunt Ruth.. the STRONGEST woman I have EVER met!!!
Seriously. No Joke. She is a phenomenal woman who has overcome mountains that I pray I never have to climb.
I come from a very small family...approx. 15 members.
We are pretty close nit. So we all got together and threw my aunt a surprise get together.
The entire family was there. 
(sorry about the blur)
That's me eating cake...the birthday girl in the background!!
She gave me a gift years ago that no one could ever take from me
the gift of art. She saw something in me when I was like 10. 
I use to try to sketch little things here and there and she enrolled me in oil painting.
This is my 2nd painting. It came so naturally to me. My art teacher would give me a picture and let me do my thing. As you can see from the signature, I still could not write in paint but I could paint. Go figure.
I gave this to here when I was 11. It was a birthday present for her.
A portrait of Jesus. My first and last portrait.
and Lo and Behold...
Aunt Ruth can paint too!!! 
I told you she was amazing!! 

Happy Birthday Aunt Ruth may you see many more because we have so much more to learn.

Photos by my baby Taylor


  1. First things first.....
    NEXT THE SAINT'S rule!!!!! I have loved the Saint's even at their beginning!! I really want theme to WIN!!!!! Thanks to the wonderful post and to Aunt Ruth who gave you the best gift. Creativity which you use beautifully. glad you are on the mend.
    smiles, alice

  2. Happy Birthday, Ruth! I like your Jesus painting! Geaux Saints! (From a Cowboys fan.)

  3. Go Saints! My hubby lived in Louisiana for a couple of years, so we are so excited to root for the Saints! What a gorgeous lady your Aunt Ruth is (I have an Aunt Ruth that I truly admire too). Your paintings are gorgeous. What talent you have!

  4. Happy Birthday Aunt Ruth!

  5. Happy Birthday to your dear Aunt Ruth!

  6. Misty, Happy Birthday to Aunt Ruth and glad you are on the mend. Girl if I could paint like that. I have one of my deceased mom's paintings. She took classes from Ross, but my mom was multi talented and I would like to think I inherited a lot of her talents.

    How about our Saints! I can't sleep, I'm so excited, but have to go to the doctor today, so better get some sleep. Beautiful paintings. Big Hugs, Pat

  7. 87 years is awesome!!! It looks like you had a great time :) What gorgeous paintings, too!! You should start up again with your portraits!! Your Aunt Ruth's work is just wonderful! How sweet that she is such an inspiration to you!! :)

  8. I'm late - but Happy Birthday Aunt Ruth!!! Hey, do you think that she still has the skirt in the first picture? I would so wear that...

    And the cake, did you save me a piece? LOL

    Girl - why are you not still painting? Those are fantabulous as are your aunts!!!

    LYLAS! robelyn

  9. What a sweet tribute! She was a hottie too!

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know about a linky party I am starting on the weekends called Weekend Wrap Party. It's a fun way to see what people are creating. If you ever want to link anything projects up, come by. It starts on Saturday!


    PS - love that song. It's my ring tone!

  10. You are so talented! Really! :-)

    Give my best to Aunt Ruth!



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