February 9, 2010

When you see greatness ....

you acknowledge it !! 
Do you see this beauty?  This handmade gem has many others to match. 
Whatever your taste.. 
There is something to fit your fancy....
I personally own one similiar to this. 
Each piece is unique and each rock is from my own little Conroe, TX.
There are no two the same.
Look for some of these great pieces the next time you are in my neck of the woods.
Designers Joe and Walt Cordaro 
 are uniqely talented brothers who are coming into their own.
I have personally watched them create visual marvels over the last few years.
You can usually find their wares on Loop 336 in Conroe- Next to Shipley's. 
 The Cordaro brothers are also launching a new website: Thoughtstones.com
So the next time you see one of these extremely talented designers - stop by and look at their eco friendly and spectacular pieces of art. 
P.S. The prices are phenomenal!!!


  1. They look wonderful! Thanks for the heads up!smiles, alice

  2. I like the rock flowers in the vase! Way cool!

  3. Those are so neat. I love how organic they look!

    Thanks for linking up!


  4. oh................ALL of that rocks!!!!!! Thank you for adding another something on my "must see immediately" list!!!!!

    Will you give mrs angelique a hug for me?



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