February 10, 2010

My other hobby ...

Cake decorating!!! 
This was my take on a sushi Birthday cake for my nephew Alex.
He turned 18 a few weeks ago...
I am soooo proud of him. Alex is the oldest son of my twin Angelique..
he LOVES all things Japanese.
Mainly sushi...
So I airbrushed the cake to look like a wooden serving board and hand molded all of the susi and 
and it's extras. Yes, I made the fortune cookie... all out of fondant and rice crispie treats and candy.
The bowl is also made of fondant.. it was suppose to be a soy sauce bowl. I was SUPPOSE to put
chocolate sauce in it.. Don't ask why I didn't.
This is only a small portion of the sushi that Alex had at his party..
Sooooo delicious!!!!
I think Alex had a good time....
Happy 18th Alex!!!!!


  1. Wowwww, you have got to be kidding! That cake is gorgeous! It all looks so real! You really have some talent! If you don't have a cake business, you need to get one going! This is incredible!!!!!!!!

  2. Such a gorgeous cake! Wow! Happy birthday to your nephew - what a party! ~ Angela

  3. That is an awesome cake!

  4. Oh my gosh- your cake is so cool!!!

  5. I would kill to have that cake! I love sushi, almost as much as Alex. I've already had it three times this week!


  6. That is so amazing! when the economy get's back on track you should totally start a business! If I were in your area I would totally buy one of your cakes, seriously that is a beautiful cake:) what a lucky nephew he is to have such a cool and creative aunt.

  7. OMG i want to eat some sushi RIGHT NOW!
    that cake was wonderful!

  8. Amazing! I too want the Cricut Cake, I tried to win one a couple of weeks ago while they were doing giveaways when they were at CHA. No luck! darn! Hope your mr. mr. gets you one! I am going to be dropping hints to my mr. too! My birthday is coming up in June and the CC is due to release in July I think.

  9. Ok, WOW your cake if beautiful! I bet he loved it!

    My cousin is starting up her own cake business. I’m super excited for her. She started off by dropping off a few cake with business cards at neighbors houses. Before she knew it she had her fist wedding cake booked!

    Happy Monday to ya!
    Kendra “Domestic Princess In Training”

  10. That cake is unreal...you two sisters are MUY talented!!! Happy b-day yo!


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