February 26, 2010

Flowers, Ribbons, and bows ... OH MY!!!

I thought I would share some of my work so far. 
(Sorry about the pics in advance. Not my best photography)
For the last 2 days I have been making fondant flowers, ribbons, and bows... OH MY ...
I know have a "crick" in my neck from pinstakingly cutting flowers and other elements for my parents wedding cake. 
This is a sample cascade that will go on the cake. 
Granted, if I had more time to plan.. these would be bad ass.
I decided to go with a  Mary Engelbreit  themed flower for a whimsy look.
I pray that my mom and dad love it.. I will take like.
They are not very over the top people ..so I decided their cake should represent them.
I also have roses and leaves, that I cut and shaped by hand ..like a nut. LOL
These are just a few, there are many more. Trust me ..many many more.
 One of my roses.. I was hoping the pic would show the pearl dust that I hand sprinkled on each and every flower. But no such luck. It is really a nice touch .. let me tell ya. Sparkly... I love it.
Ok I have to run.. got to make more flowers!!!


  1. Oh, so beautiful! What a labor of love, your parents will be ecstatic. You have a true gift with your skills. Best wishes to all! ~ Angela

  2. Very lovely. I think that is so awesome that you are putting such effort into making this a very special time for them. Goos luck.

  3. Well.... I love it!!!! You are super talented girl!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  4. My hands are cramping for you....

  5. Those are so pretty!! That cake is bound to look gorgeous!!!

  6. I had no idea you could work with fondant! The pain will be worth the smiles on their faces in the end.

  7. They are gorgeous! What an absolute labor of love. They will love it just because you put so much work into it.

  8. Awwwwwww! Do we get to see the finished product?


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