February 17, 2010

Taxes.....Need I say More??

see that guy that is upside down? 
That's me and the person shaking me ..the IRS. 
I was randomly chosen to be audited this year..oooh what an honor.
If you have never had the joy nor the experience .. be thankful, VERY THANKFUL!!
I love my government and am a law abiding citizen but the IRS chaps me hide right now.
I do not know why we are having to do this but ok.. I'll do it.
The part that quizzes me the most is how much information they want.
I say want because NEED would be an overstatment.
After I filled out all of the paper work today.. I am beat.
And I still have more!!! 
Do you really need to know how much the toothfairy left me for my first tooth??
Ok they did not ask that but they might as well have.. they asked EVERYTHING ELSE.
Sorry about the vent but I needed to get it off of my chest.. hope you all have a blessed week. 
I will probalby be back on Monday .. I have tons of tax homework to do!! 


  1. Wow...that sucks! My husbands work is being audited and everyone in the office is grumpy.
    I'm sure things will work out it's just government BS...that's all.

    Have a nice week,

  2. oh I'm so sorry...numbers are my enemy (not to metion tax jargon) so I can't even imagine!
    good luck...will be thinking of you:)

  3. Oh that bite the BIG ONE...sorry doll! Let me know if you need help....I do accounting! lol.

  4. Crap! That really sucks, excuse my language!

    That's a big fear of mine, especially since I obtained my Tax ID number just this past year.

    Wishing you an uneventful audit!



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