November 29, 2009

50 and counting.... Thank you!

I'm decorating around here.. putting up my reindeer..

and what to my wondering eyes do appear ?

More than fifty followers on my blog are here!!! 

I let out a scream , I let out an,"Alright!!" 
Which mind you gave my hubby such a  great fright. 
Everyone rushed to the pc with glee...
I cried Icried..
"They are all here to see lil ole me!" 

I picked some paper and grabbed me a pen...
And decided to let the thank you's begin.
Thank you bloggy divas for all the love that you have shown me!! 
I would have never imagined all of the support that I received since my arrival
let alone more than 50 followers. 
I cannot say thank you enough.
Merci, Danke, Grazie, and Gracias!!!!!


  1. LOL Million dollar question... do you have 50 reindeer? hee hee

    You're so funny - how can we not follow along on the adventures of a crazy woman? ;-)

    Have a great Sunday!!!

    (How many cool whip bowls are you hiding?) ROFLMBO!!!!!!!

  2. Love the poem! Congratulations on accumulating 50 followers! Your background is so pretty to. You have to love pink! Thanks for stopping by to visit and have yourself a fabulous day!

  3. Hello sweet friend...
    Very cute post. Hope you are having a great day. Decorating is amongst us all. Everything looks very calming. Love the pinkness here.
    Country hugs...Sherry

  4. It is a delight to follow you!
    I only wish I coulda followed you up to Athens this past week! ;-)

    Love ya!

  5. Hey girl! I started doing this

    for 20 days now.. check it out... they have level 1 and 2 for free on demand.. If not they sell the DVD in Target or Walmart for 10 dollars

    Let me know if you start....

    oh did i mention is only 20 minutes a day?

  6. This is fabulous! Figures you are in fav aunt lives there, opr did forever..(now in The Woodlands) and has a VERY similar quirky personality! LOVE IT!!

  7. Thanks you for a great blog to read!


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