November 28, 2009

"Both of you?" ....

Yes.... Both of the Six sisters went to Athens, Tx!!!
I also brought along my trusty sidekick daughter Morgan.

(She is such a teenager! Ipod always in tow)
After a very looong car ride we arrived to visit our bloggy friends at

I could not feel my legs anymore but it was soooo worth the wait and the drive.
As soon as we arrived my mouth fell to the floor...

The bible says we will all have our very own mansion when we arrive in heaven.
I found it .. and it is in Athens, Tx!!

There was sooo much to see I could barely take it all in.

(That's me on the left and Angelique on the right- we were"oohing" the whole time.)

I met the lovely and hilarious Mindy of  Primitiques 'n Poetry
She is an amazing woman with an awesome sense of style and humor.
("Both of you?? LOL -Mindy we laughed for 3 hours later on that one)

I won one of those beautiful decanters in a drawing!!!
(pics of that to follow)

I am still buzzing on all of the exquisite creations and finds that were there.  
( I know I must have looked like a tourist with my camera snapping away.)
This is one of those quiet moments where you just take it all in and enjoy.
So sit back, grab some hot tea, let your fingers just glide over the mouse and Enjoy!!!



I told you it was Ammmmaaaazzzing!!!

In addition to the eye candy, I had the privilege of meeting some very talented and remarkable people.
The amazing beauty and Cat Daddy of Talking Trash
The Divine Robelyn of Red . neck Chic

and the fantastic Ms. Gloria of Sweet Pea

I agree Ms. Gloria- Thumbs up!!

There were even refreshments... as you can see.
( my brother-in-law and daughter camped out there lol)

And rescued rabbits for you to adopt.
And of course I bought some great"finds" as well.

If you have never been to Athens, Tx. You are truly missing out!!
These ladies and gents truly inspire me and if you were to visit them ... you would be inspired to!!


  1. Shoot girl, all the beauty was in that car y'all came in! So great to meet you and your beautiful daughter...btw, are there any "ringers" in y'alls family 'cause all I've seen is pretty?
    Thanks so much for coming and for the wonderful review of W&T's. It was a pleasure to meet the other half of "both of you"!

  2. Oooh that does look like Heaven, what a beautiful place... your daughter is just beautiful too! I would have spent hours looking at those old photographs on the tree... and I would probably have adopted ALL those sweet little bunnies! How fun meeting fellow bloggers too!... Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. Oh I am overwhelmed by all the beauty but your daughter is the loveliest of all.

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog - I am new to blogging and LOVE your blog.

  5. Heaven! You betcha! What a shop ...

    Please join me at my new blog, the old one has issues ... I appreciate your following me.

    Have a great weekend.

    TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Of course she said "both of you", she couldn't believe her good fortune in getting to meet the two Six Sisters at the same time!

    I am SO thrilled that y'all got to go! I was worried that you wouldn't, because Angelique sounded unsure when I told her it was a late afternoon/evening event. But yay for Mr. M., driving y'all all that way!

    You looked just beautiful, and I agree, that looks like MY version of Heaven, too!

    Lots of love,

  7. Lol @ Anne. Actually, she asked if I was African-American. I told her yes I was and she responded, "Both of you?" What made it hilarious was that the question before that was if we were twins. LOL.

  8. I am STILL laughing at Mindy for that one... that girl's a nut!!! But so fun!!!

    And you guys - I was so EXCITED to meet the two of you AND Ms. Gorgeous Morgan!!! And HELLO! It couldn't have been in a MORE GORGEOUS setting!!! I'm not kidding... today I have perused my Christmas decor and then set out to alter it in some way - thinking about everything in W&T that I saw! LOLOL I've got trails of glitter in my house... looks like Hansel & Gretal made a few trips thru the living room. LOL

    It was so great to meet you - I look forward to catching up to the two of you many more times!!!!

    Have a good one!!! ;)
    (did you raid the storage yet for the vintage Christmas? LOLOL)


  9. @ Robelyn.. I did do some!! I did not realize hoooowwww much stuff she has. I also went into the attic!! I had a blast at W&T!!! It was an honor to meet you - we will have to get together again!! ( I am going to your etsy shop to get my purse lol!) I was sooo tired when I cam home but had to post before I went to bed!!

  10. I swear, I was blown away by you being identical, but not so identical. And, this, my dear crazy lady friend, is where I zip my lip and throw away the key. Ok. Not really! I had so much fun with y'all! Come back next weekend for Open House at Primitiques! Party in Poetry! Both of you! ~Mindy

  11. What a great trip you shared---your photos are fabulous, and as always, I love your narrative! I really couldn't make the long drive from Georgia, but it was so great to see it through your eyes! (Love the old photos from the previous post!)

  12. Thanks for stopping by French Lique! because your sweet comment led me right back here to your beautiful blog! What a wonderful post and great photos... these gals are so inspiring! I'm off to Geronimo... but just wanted to stop by, say hi... and add myself to your followers list! hugs. Dixie


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