November 9, 2009

Queen of the Frugal ......

So, In my fairy tell world my home would look just like this!! I am in love with country shabby chic/French/Black Americana. That's how I would describe my style. I know, I know - hodge podge. But it works.. for me. I have very expensive taste. My family will tell you my motto : "If it's not fur or don't mean a thing!" ( Pardon my grammar.. I had to make it rhyme. ) However, reality is I am the QUEEN of the CHEAP CHEAP!!  And due to the current economy .. I liiiiivvveee for the deal.

See this little beauty? I found her sitting on the curb of my neighbor's yard. She whispered my name as I walked by. Honestly, I didn't even see her at first. "Misty, Misty. I am over here!" So, I walked over and checked her out. "Please take me home with you..." How could I turn her away? She was practically in tears. I have a soft spot. Brought her home and then she became a diva," I'm cold!" Okay okay already...

So I gave her a throw and a pillow and my favorite doll!! ( Told you she was a diva! ) And now she resides in our living room and for free. (Once again, the total diva.)

 This handsome lad.. well, he is a different story. Rather sad really. Found him resting at a resale store. Poor thing had been there a month and no one had even so much as glanced at him. I found out why .. He is really puke GREEN with envy. (Literally). But, we made a deal and he came home with me for 10 whole dollars. Covered him up with a suede red slip cover added my famous Waverly roses, some pillows, and a crochted throw I made and Viola!!! (He still grumbles about the flowers..such a guy!)

But my all time favorite find is this beauty!!! She was head cheerleader AND prom queen. But I think she got into a scrap match over some guy. If you look RRREEEAAALLLL hard in her lower right corner you can see her scar. Tiny, I know. She is soooo vain that she down right refused to be sold at full price. I mean really? She is solid cherry wood. So, I got her for .............$25.00!!! I almost fainted when the shop owner
(at a major furniture store) told me. So I threw the cash in his hand a raced home.( I do not know why that picture looks sideways.. it's really not.)

I made these lamps just for her . The lamp shades are cheap $1 each. I painted them read and black and attached the trim and the feathers. The bases were $1 each at a local dollar store. Awesome - I know!!

The Centerpiece is a box that was lovingly given to me by my sis. And if you don't know Hobby Lobby has a sale on their florals every other week- 50%. ( I actually use to work there in my spare time JUST so I could get the discount and the 50%.) The flowers were $10 for the lot.

There you have it, my secret is out. I am frugal. No, CHEAP- in the purest form of the word. But you know what?    It's good to be a QUEEN.   ( She kinda looks like me - just in pink....)

( photos -photobucket)    


  1. You know that the chair was suffering from mistaken identity. She thought you were MEEEE!!!

  2. Holy cow! You have awesome finds there, and a real talent for dressing them!


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