November 16, 2009

At least we aren't tarnished

So, my sister and I were talking on the phone the other day...
  Like we always do. ( Literally, we call each other like 15 times a day.. especially if we have an off day together.)

( Wouldn't  this scene be lovely?? I mean really? Who does that? It is often more like this..)

(That is more like it.) 
So she was mentioning her passion for tarnished silver. Then it dawned on me...I have some tarnished silver!!
Mr. H gave it to me when we were married. I had forgotten all about it. The silver was under my kitchen sink.
So, I tell Angelique to hold on. I go in the kitchen and ..

oooh!! There it is !! Three pieces that have now turned black. ( I'm not kidding either, they were BLACK.)
I pick up the phone and tell my sis of my find.
I cannot repeat what she said....HA HA!!!
I clean them up - not too clean I want some tarnish on them still.
( White toothpaste and LOTS of elbow grease. I was up til 2 a.m. cleaning silver.)

Tell me what you think...

I added some flowers to this.. it looks like a small ice bucket lol.

thought some fruit (that I added a foil technique to) would make this candy dish
more of a centerpiece.

And then I found something that I have not seen in years....

It is a friendship ball. My sister and I have passed this silver beauty back and forth for at least 10 years.
If you do not know what one is- well, it is a ball that you place a small gift in. It dates back to victorian times.

She gave it back to me Mother's day. I thought she had forgotten it.
When I found it.. a tear almost dropped. ( I do not cry easy.) This silver trinket has endured years of sisterhood.  Endless telephone calls, shopping and road trips, and even an argument or two along the way. But most important it is a friendship ball given to me by my best friend.

P.S. No, Angelique you still cannot have the candy dish....

(Photos By Alexander Price)


  1. Great job on the silver, Misty!
    I am so impressed both by you and your blog. Your enthusiasm and personality just shine through. You seem to have a real joy and passion for life, and given the trials and struggles you're dealing with, I just find you remarkable.

  2. Sisters are cool aren't they? And on the silver thing, one of my favourite things in my house are two matching antique candlesticks that I bought on our first anniversary holiday in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. I have left them alone, and they have developed a lovely patina, much nicer than sparkly, brand new stuff, these babies have LIVED!!

  3. Love, love, love the look of the foiled pears! Just gorgeous!!

  4. This was such a sweet post! I can just feel the love between the two of you! LOVE tarnished silver!!!

    Thanks for following, too! :)

    Have a great night!

  5. so sweet!
    thanks for dropping by my blog tonight.
    blessings to you


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