December 7, 2009

Don't make me take my earrings off !!!!!!!

Hello bloggy divas!!!
You ladies always see me as cheerful, upbeat, and full of cheer!!

My sister LOVES to go to the hairdresser..once a week
That's her thing. I am a hair person but she really is.
Ok, sooo she goes this past weekend to get her hair done.
She has found someone (finally) where she lives that can do her hair.
(Mind you we have ethnic hair so this is awesome)
This is her 3rd visit.
They start chatting- like we girls do. And the subject of her illness comes up.
The hairdresser tell my sister that the reason that she is ill is because she is not a faithful Christian!!!!
What the Deuce??? 

 She calls me in tears...

This is my face. My hubby sits straight up. He knows whats next..
Oh No She Didn't!!!
Then my poor sister goes on to tell me the details of how this hairdresser ripped her a new one.
Angelique lives 2 hours away from me.Thank God for that woman. 
I am contemplating putting on my tennis shoes real tight and driving to meet this chick.

  and tell her about herself. Who are you?? 

No one makes my sister cry. If you make her cry- I will make you cry.

Generally, I am a down to earth person who tries to "shun the very appearance of evil."
but this is different. Lady, don't make me take off my earrings.
(If you are confused to what that means.. it is the universal sign for I am about to drive you into the ground!!)
Angelique is better than me on this one.

The old me would have put her in her place REAL QUICK!!

But for obvious reasons ...
(I am too cute to go to jail)
I do not do those things anymore.
(She better be glad. )

My sister said nothing to her.. but says she won't go back. I don't blame her.
But for future reference... 
If you do not see me on here for a few days and wonder where I am..
I might have run into the hairdresser while visiting my sis.
And if she gets smart..
Well, I will be forced to Take My Earrings off.




  2. Using the pics of Madea and Beyonce in that crazy flick, is priceless. And totally funny. Girl, I get you!!!!!! Please let us know the name of the "hairdresser" so we can choose NOT to use her. Wait. Would you call her more like a LIAR? Or a JUDGE? Nah, I would probably call her something other than that. But, I will fight it. Lord, Jesus. Help me. I pray He reaches her heart...

  3. I totally agree with you girl! she would have made me want to take my earrings off too!!!! and what an ignorant person that hairstylist is! the nerve... you know when things like this happen, all you really can do is pray for them, but I'm with you, If I was in my early 20's instead of 30's my first impulse would have been to drive the 2 hours and do a Madea on her!

  4. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!! I say TAKE OFF YOUR EARRINGS!!!! No one messes with family! I hope Angelique is o.k. after that, on a side note thanks for the great pics to go with the story, it put a fun spin on a unfunny circumstance. ~ Theresa

  5. LOL you ladies are hilarious!! @ Melifaif- she is in Beaumont or somewhere up there. I do not know her name....yet.
    I see that earring removal is truly
    @ Kelly.. What do you know about Madea? That is my SHERO!!!

  6. Oh My God!!!!
    You have me laughing so hard!!!!

    Thank you for having my back.

  7. Oh, dear! That doesn't even make sense. By that logic, faithful Christians would never get sick? *rolling eyes* Matthews 5:45 comes to mind. Some things (sun rising, rain, sickness, gravity, etc.) are just part of the world we ALL live in.

  8. My earrings are thrown on the floor (I think there might be some ear lobe attached, but that's neither here-nor-there)

    GIRL - I'm with you!!! When are we going?!!? You know what they say about friends (and sisters...)
    It's a true friend and/or sister sitting beside you in the jail cell - i look perfectly fine in stripes.

    Now I'm throwing some strangers earrings on the floor 'cause that's just where I'm at with this story.

    When are we leaving? And Angelique my friend - you are way more of a lady with a gracious heart than I am. That's all I'm sayin'.


  9. Oh my goodness! I can't believe she said that to her. I know what you mean about protecting your sister. I have two youndger ones myself and still feel that way to this day.

    Many blessings my friend. ~Melissa :)

  10. You are making me laugh, stop, your pics are too funny and probably got a visual of you being arrested. Being too cute and all! But I don't blame you, take those earrings off and then ask for forgiveness, just kidding!! But it's a thought. It does sound like that person needs to read the bible more, doesn't it.

  11. I read your sister's post first and I was livid. I'll take my earrings off with you girl.
    That woman needs a big "whatfor!!!" and a "no you didn't" from a large group of junkers. She won't know what hit her. I'll pray that she sees the light, and realizes we don't make bad things happen. Our God is bigger than that.
    Your sister is lucky to have you.

  12. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry, I know just how your feel, if someone hurts my sister,they hurt me... I am a nice sweet lady, but someone messes with my little sis and I become their worse nightmare! Love to you and Angelique... Bisous... Julie Marie PS I am ready to "take off my earrings" anytime you need me to!

  13. First time on your blog, and I will definately be back! Thanks for the great post and making me laugh this afternoon. I truly enjoyed myself, and "thank you" for being one of my "followers". Take care!

  14. I am willing to bleed with ya, I will throw down my gold tone earings, when I get to know ya better maybe real gold earings... but I think you are justified in it for now... red neck chic will catch my back for now cause I have been under the weather. I bounce back pretty quick though and I know I would defend my sister too. My husband heaard me laughing at my computer and ran in to get some of the joy.... this is a hoot, and I will pickup Robelyns earlobes and send them back in cyber mail. A girl can't wear earings without her lobes. Right?
    You will beon my blog roll shortly. Thanks for coming by this will be too fun!!!

  15. Yes, Red Neck Chick has her earlobes back... I advised her to go have them sewn back on but I think she will probably use duct tape... who knows she may get earings for Christmas.
    Thank you for your sweet comments... I think we shall become good friends.

  16. Misty, I'm so sorry that Angelique had the unhappy misfortune to be going to that person. She's slightly misinformed! I read your sis's blog earlier, and I was hoping the woman was going to pray with her. What a below the belt blow. Let it roll off your back and chalk it up to someone who is not in touch with God. We don't want to have to come down there and bail you out. (But we would!)We love you two.

  17. Oh. My. Goodness. I am crackin' up right now!!! What a great story! And yes, I think the earings MUST come off! :)

  18. Yes I know, my brother has MS and his sister in law has said the same to him. It is horrible to say such things. And now my brothers wife and her sister don't speak to each other any more I don't think God is happy with such people that are saying such things in HIS name!

  19. And that is why non-believers are so fearful of Christians.

    That woman needs to get some sense knocked into her.

  20. I feel guilty for laughing at your post Misty, but goshdarnit, you have such a wonderfully vivid way of gettin' your feelings out there! That first picture of Beyonce is actually a trademarked expression of mine!

    I wonder how this gal is going to react when some sort of tragedy befalls her? Here's hoping that she encounters more mercy and Christian love than she herself has shown.

    For what it's worth, I'm revising my birthday pakage to you to include an extra pair of're gonna need 'em! ;-)


  21. pakage= package.
    The horror of a misspelled word!

  22. Oh my gosh,what a funny story...people can be so daft...I remember last spring I was at the Gap looking for some capris I wanted and the girl said the usual can I help you.....I said I was looking for a size 8 in black...and her reply was"SORRY ALL THE BIG SIZES ARE GONE"had I been wearing earrings they would have come off!!!!!! Thanks for your nice note yesterday...its notes like yours that keep me bloggin!!!!!!

  23. The way your sweet sister responded to that awful woman shows us ALL who the true "live-my-life not run-my-mouth" Christian is!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  24. What a totally crappy and unChristian thing to say!!! Especially this time of year! And I can't believe she would treat her own customer like that. Please tell me there was no tip...!

  25. Hey Misty!

    I know, I am late commenting on this post, but I just had to! Girl, I know what you mean! You are a good sister...having her back! Love this post! That hairdresser is lucky you don't live closer! LOL!

    Have a great weekend!



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