December 6, 2009

Where oh where is my 100th follower?

Who my 100th Follower will be.

I am only 4 followers shy of getting to know this diva or gent.

All of my followers are important to me; each and every one.
I read blog after blog. Write comment after comment trying to be a good follower myself.
(Do unto others right?)
I could not imagine that a little over a month ago I could possibly have 50 followers...
let alone 100.
Thank you bloggy divas for all of your

hugs and

kisses along the way.
So to commerate this memorable event...
I have a surprise for that special person who takes
my lil ole blog to the 100th mark.

I am desperately seeking .... you.

So until you decide to drop by,
Morgan, Taylor, Mr. H, and myself will be sitting here waiting for you.
Please hurry...
I love 'em and all but they are driving me crazy.
The youngest one keeps asking, " are they here yet ? Huh huh huh?"
See my dilemma.
Can't wait to meet you!!


  1. you are sooo funny! I'm already in the conga line so I couldn't be #100! hop on by French Lique if you haven't signed up for my 300th post giveaway! hugs. Dixie

  2. How neat almost to 100 followers! Well you can count me in as 98 I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. LOLOL Well... I'm already followin' you along soaking up your wisdom, sense of humor and general mayhem.

    Dangit. HA!

    I think they're here now.....
    And - Congratulations!!! How can anyone who comes to visit NOT give you bloggy love and look forward to yours?

    ;-) Robelyn


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