January 20, 2010

A change has come...

One year ago today...

Barack H. Obama was inaugurated into the office of
The President of The United States of America!!
This was one of the proudest moments of my life.
I come from a long generation of people who believe in education and hard work.
Those same people were never really afforded the same opportunities as many others because they are
That is reality.
Growing up, we were told that you can be anything that you want to be... to a degree.
Doctor and teacher those things you can achieve...but no one ever mentioned President.
Up until last year it was just a glimmer in my community's eye.
January 20th, 2009 it became a reality.
My entire family requested off from works for weeks in advance.
We had planned a celebration!!!
Everyone, including my 79 year old mother, had on their Obama shirts.
The grill was lit.
Champagne and sparkling cider was chilled..
Quiche was served for breakfast as we planted ourselves in front of the t.v.
We hung on every word, every moment. This is a day that I will tell my grandchildren about. My girls will tell their grandchildren about it as well.

My mother said that she never thought that she would live to see this day.
But here it was!!! 
I know that many of you do not care for President Obama.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will not knock you for it.(David lol)
But for me, I am proud. Dr. Martin Luther King said that he had a dream..
I believe that the Lord gave him a vision of what was to come and
I am sooo very blessed to have been a part of it; even if it was from Conroe, Tx.

I never wanted to forget this life changing event..
so I have a tattoo to remind me ( in case I get Alzheimer's. Hey it runs in my family)
It says"Change" with the date 1/20/09 written in the stars.
That day, has forever changed what we tell our children.
We went from," Of course you can be a doctor!" to " You can be President !" 
I love the way that sounds.

I also come from a family deeply rooted on God. 
I have faith in my Lord and faith in our President and
I continue to pray for the leaders of this country daily.
My family will have a mini celebration today - and for many years to come.
I never want to forget that day...
the day when,
"The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness." -Barack H. Obama 44th President


  1. Nice post! You know...Layla shares Obama's same birthday!!! Pretty cool.

  2. It was a purely magical day wasn't it? I still get tingles thinking of it...thanks for sharing:)

  3. Very nice post!! A great way to remember a very exciting and historic day!!

  4. A "totally" awesome post! I too remember this day very, very well. I was so filled with pride that we could all witness "change", and props for the tattoo! I also loved that Aretha sang on that day. Obama stepped into a world that was crazy and he can't be expected to wave a magic wand and make it go away in a day. It will take time and hard work, but I believe in my heart that we are on our way to that "change"!
    Take care, Sue

  5. Love the new look of your blog! Obama's election day and inauguration days were very important days for me too!

  6. Misty I think it's wonderful also. I'm proud of our country, and proud for you. His election transended thoughts and opinions from the past, and I believe has done more to unify our country than anything else has done. You know, the Bible says we are to pray for our leaders.So this is what I do.
    Blessings dear Misty.

  7. I really wish I could see what that coward said to you...

  8. Misty, I too had someone say something really bad, but the only exception was that I was not on my computer and the adminastrator of blogger took it off before I could read it. I think I know who it was, but I still wish I could have read it. I say ignore people who are ignorant. Girl in 1968, I was blasted for driving a man home after getting off work. His name was Phil Phillips who sings "Sea of Love". The very next day in our small town, every knew about it and called me some terrible names that I won't even comment. I personally knew him because my friend worked at the radio station and came on after Mr. Phil. I often think about calling him and thanking him for the lesson I learned that day. I am one that believes we are All created in God's image. Blessings to you and I hope we can become friends in blogland. Hugs, Pat

  9. God bless President Obama and his family. He has a very hard job to do. I wish some people would remember that he didn't start the problems we are dealing with now. I don't like to hear people say terrible things about him. But hey, some of the same people weren't kind to Bush either. Anyway I am very proud of him too.


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