January 14, 2010

For the Dogs

A day in my life...
Lying around all day. Granted I just knew this was going to be an at home vacation.
NOPE. Not Really.

I can sympathize with this little fella.
I have to wait for someone to feed me and to help me "Go".
This vacation is for the dogs.
I am here alone ....
Any other day of the week this would be grand.
But today, not so much.
Frustrated  enough to pull my hair out and about to die of cabin fever
I made my way out of bedroom only to see my living room...
I won't even describe it. Just know that while I have been in my room, my husband and two teenage daughters have had run of the house. Enough said.
It's not that bad but it's not that good either.

I sooooo want to clean my house.
I am terrified to see my kitchen.
Mr. H has done all of the cooking since Monday.
They say Rome wasn't built in a day
but I know what can happen to a kitchen in one.
My version of clean is soooo not their version of clean.
I like stuff in it's place and everything tidy.
I'm not Florence from the Jefferson's or anything of the sort.
I'm just neat.
OH well.... let me hop my way over to the couch and wait for someone to come home and feed me.
Now I know why Kingston was sooo excited to see me when I came home.


  1. I so hear ya....my family's definition of clean and mine are totally different. Glad to see your old sense of humor shining through!

  2. Relax. Enjoy. And don't give up control of the remote control!

  3. Hi Misty, I've been in the house since Christmas due to slick streets and freezing weather. I made it out yesterday by myself, after temps were finally in the upper 40's allowing for some melting. Cabin fever? yes, definitly. I was ready for "meals on wheels" to show up. Don't worry. plenty of time to clean when you're back on your feet, so to speak! LOL
    love you,

  4. Juuuuuuussssst. Reeeeeeeellllaaaaaaaaax! No structural damamge will be incurred, and you can make hubby and kids do extra chores to pay for a cleaner. Unclench, ignore it and meditate (or drink, whateva!!!)

  5. Hope you are feeling a whole lot better, and that the knee will heal quickly for you. Try not to worry about the house, it will all be waiting for you! Easier said than done, huh??? Wishing you a cleaning service,

  6. Just checkin' in on you (and the state of your house...)


  7. I can totally "get" what you mean - they always say "don't touch it - I'll clean it up" Then the next morning it is still a mess. You slightly question their cleaning method ~ and they say "I knew it wouldn't be good enough for you". Don't think about it honey, you just relax ~ it'll all still be there when you feel better. Your dog is a sweetie too. Feel better soon.


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