January 7, 2010

You might know a redneck if....

I like to cook. Some people loooove to cook. I do it because I have to.
There are times when I  really get an urge to be Betty Crocker and whip up a whole mess of food just because.
I mainly cook because of my family. It's cheaper than eating out and healthier too.
I am a southern girl through and through.
So yesterday I decided to cook up a nice comfort food meal.
Country ribs, cabbage, blackeye peas, sweet potatoes, and cornbread.
(I'll give you time to wipe the drool from your mouth.)
I am checking on my cabbage, lift the top off of the pot when it happens.
I am burned from the steam!!!
My thumb is on fire!!! It really hurts.
Usually I rub a little ice on it and it is ok.
(My mamma told me that you are not a real cook if you don't have scars.)
The ice is not working but I am about to roll on the floor in pain.
I grab a bottle of water and submerge my thumb in it- for 3 hours.
(I'm not kidding either.)
As soon as I remove my thumb it feels like hell has come to visit my hand.
I head to the internet- I tried it all.
Toothpaste, honey, you name it- nothing.
My kids are laughing hysterically.
I am about to cry.
Aloe Vera!! I have an aloe vera plant at my mom's house.
( I gave it to her because I can kill a cactus)
I grab a huge piece, slice it open and place it on my thumb.
Relief, but I can't hold it hear all night.

I think to myself.."How can I keep this in place?"
I am not running to Walgreens for this!
I think of my redneck friend Robelyn from Redneck Chic

My girls are rolling on the floor at this point.
But hey it works.
I slept like a baby. And when I awoke this morning my burn was healed.
So point of this post
If you use duct tape as a medical instrument of any kind...
You might know a redneck!!


  1. Too funny
    What would life be like without duct tape
    Glad it's better now! Have a great day

  2. I love it! The aloe vera/duct tape method, that is. Not that you got burned. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. You're no redneck! I live in CA and duct tape is my bestfriend!! Someone once gave me a book for "The Many Uses of Duct Tape". It is the best thing ever made! I've duct taped hoses, a part on my car, and saved the day when I duct taped the rip in my grandaughter's teddy bear!!
    Take care, Sue

  4. Ouch! Steam burns hurt like a ... well, I don't have to tell you what they hurt like, you already know! Glad the Aloe and duct tape worked for you.

    I like that picture of you. What's the white ruffly thing behind you?

  5. *giggle*



    ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Misty - you crack me up!!! I'm sorry - I'm not laughing at your pain... I promise, I'm not!!! You GOTS to love that shiny sparkly silver stuff!!! See? There is a redneck inside of you!!! Let her out Dr. Misty!!!

    I do indeed hope your thumb feels better - burns HURT!!! Glad you've got your duct tape though!!!

    (I'm crying...)

    ;-) LOVE YOU!!!

  6. You ARE a redneck... welcome to the family hon!

    hugs. Dixie

    (glad to see you're back to your old chipper funny self!)

  7. I KNEW it had to involve duct tape! And girl, aloe vera has as many healing powers as duct tape does uses, doesn't it? Tell those girls of yours no more laughing at Mom! Glad to hear you are healed. ~Mindy

  8. I love Duct Tape - it's good for everything.

  9. you should write that cure up for the Medical Journals! " Duct tape - the overlooked aid to recovery."

  10. Glad it's feeling better! My dad always said that anything can be fixed with duct tape and golf tee!


  11. Awesome ingeniuty Misty! My personal motto is that a woman only needs duct tape and WD-40 in her toolbox. If it moves and shouldn't... duct tape. If it doesn't move and should... WD-40! Now I'll have to add duct tape to the medicine cabinet too (which so far only contains vodka)!!

  12. As I was reading, I was thinking "I wonder if she has any aloe?" LOL

    I LOVE the duct tape. It truly does work for everything.

  13. Great post! David question begs to be asked again. What is that white thing behind you?

  14. Misty, ooohhhh I'm so sorry that you were hurt, but wow, I'm really impressed amazing what we can learn in blogland, and of course Robelyn is amazing at her creativity!
    Good advise! love aloe vera!

  15. I burned myself with a clothes steamer last year, man, that hurt like &%@#!
    I didn't have aloe vera or duct tape...if only I'd known Robelyn then!

    Hope you're feeling better, we can't have you unable to type! ;-)


  16. Yeppers, duct tape and baling wire'll fix anything!! I'm sorry you got burned, but glad you remembered RNC's solution to saving the universe! You are both just pretty smart!
    Hugs to you

  17. Didn't that hurt to take the duct tape off???


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