November 19, 2009

Black Friday ... a new twist.

Today is Black Friday...
So I was looking around my house and I realized that I do not own hardly any black pieces.
But I do have a PASSION for Black Americana.

(This picture hangs in my kitchen)

Some think this is a negative portrayal of our history and culture.
I believe that it is part of our past that we should never forget.

I collect these .. All God's Children.
( The lady I bought these from had nnooooo idea what she had. I got my entire collection for 3.00!!)

 They are created by V. Holcombe.
This is called God Is Love. (#162)
She reminds me of playing dress up when Angelique and I were little girls.
(Sorry about my finger..I am too tired to photshop today lol)

A figurine of church ladies sitting on a pew.
Who dosen't have an adored grandmother that fell asleep from time to time?

 Speaking of grandmothers..
This is my great-grandmother Daisy. I never met her but she instilled a long legacy of devout Lord
loving people I know as family.
(Trust and believe she never fell asleep in church. She ruled with an iron fist. )

And this is my mamma.
Valedictorian of her class, she instilled education as a virtue in all of us.
 I love her for that so very much more.
Love you mamma!!

I am very proud of my family and my heritage.
I would not trade it for anything in the world.
How can we ever know where we are going  if we never know where we came from?
Embrace who you are and always ...

love your inner little girl.

Thanks to Gypsy Brocante For VBF!!!!!!


  1. What a lovely post. What a gorgeous family you have. It is so important our family knows exactly what they mean to us. Some are taken much too soon and all of us with an unknown time. {{pics via flickr}}

  2. Your collection is beautiful. Beautiful post!

  3. So being a hottie with moxie runs in the family then? :-)
    It's hard for me as a white girl to assume I have any idea of how a bigoted "culture" would have affected entire generations, but I do think that the minute you forget your history, you risk repeating it.

  4. How cool.....
    I love that pic of great grandmother Daisy...she just happened to LOOK sweet in that pic...LOL.

    Great post...where would we be without our mamma.

  5. I love your post! I love the way that you embrace your family, your heritage, your life!

  6. God bless you and your beautiful family! Please read my latest Topic #13-"They would not have crucified the Lord of glory." I think you will enjoy it. Keep up the great blogging.

  7. What an absolutely beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your family, and your heritage with us. I love the church ladies in the pew!

  8. You great-grandmother was beautiful! What a wonderful post! I really like the three ladies on the church pew. Reminds me of some of the miniature dolls created by Pearl Jordan, one of my all time favorite miniature doll artists.

    Have a super VBF!


  9. This was a joy to read. To see the people who shaped you was wonderful. You and your sister are a delight and are wise beyond your years....'course it is totally unfair that you're both gorgeous.

  10. Welcome to VBF ... I'm so happy you've joined us!! I enjoyed your post .... you're Mom looks SO much like your Grandmother, both are beautiful women. I also liked your collection of figurines ... I'm going to have to say my favorite is the little lady that looks like she's shopping all done up in her pearls and purse ... she's got sass! ... speaking of sass, sounds like there are some fun stories you and your sister share about your Grandmom ; )

    Happy VBF!

  11. Thanks for sharing some of your collections and family photos. They are treasures!

    Thanks also for visiting our blog and leaving a nice comment.

    Beth of Salvage Studio

  12. Now I can see where you guys get your beauty from! Your mom is beautiful as is your great grandma. What a fabulous history!


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