November 19, 2009

Under the knife ....

I just found out ....

 I am having surgery!!!

On my left knee. I hurt it back in August at work.
(although they could have done this MONTHS ago..)

So Tuesday ( yes this Tuesday- before Thanksgiving, I know.)
I will go under the knife. lol.

So I will be eating my turkey on crutches!!!
That bites the big one!!

Well, at least I will finally get some sleep.

Friday 11/20/09- Soooo the Dr. just called me and informed me that my surgery is CANCELLED!!!
My ins. won't approve it!! BASTARDS!! Thank you for the well wishes anyway!!!


  1. So sorry honey! Love the mod sock monkeys sitting in the hospital bed! Here's to a quick recovery.

  2. Thats no fun!!!!!!!! It will be ok! I know surgery isnt fun and its hard!!! Sending love, hugs and prayers ur way :)

  3. OK, I'm convinced I am the third twin in your family, separated by birth, and conceived years before you other two! Why? Because we both have breast cancer, we're both being treated at MDAnderson, and I had my knee operated on two years ago! Yes, you'll be on crutches for a couple of days but you'll feel SO much better afterwards!!! You remain in my thoughts, breast friend.


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