November 19, 2009

Even angels need a day off

This is how I feel...
Like a worn out angel.
I am tired.
I have blah days too- even though my family thinks otherwise.

I want a pair of wings...
to do my Father's work and my housework too.

I know I should be placing a celestial being on top of my tree this week...
but I have bigger fish to fry and bigger prayers to offer up.

I hope all the other bloggy divas are not looking down on me...
But tomorrow is another day...

and I will begin then...


  1. Oh Misty, nobody is going to look down on you for needing a bit of rest! You re-fuel and re-charge, we'll still be here.
    Take care of yourself!

  2. Hang in there, Six! It sucks living up to everyone's expectations, but the only person you are accountable to is you - take some time out if you need. A day bed beside a glimmering pool, cocktail in hand, should suffice.

  3. Thanks ya'll!! (I am soooo from Texas!!)

  4. We all have rough days. It's okay, it's normal. You just pull out that tissue and have a good cry and don't worry if the kids eat cereal for dinner, the sun will come up on a new day tomorrow. :)


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