November 13, 2009

This Thing Called Love

Did you see my Button?? The Butterfly with the moving wings? A new blog friend Ms. Sherry made it all possible!! And I ...

IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you!!
( I guess my temper tantrum worked. Don't tell my mom that- she said it would NEVER work lol.)

Speaking of love .....

This is the love of my life..Mr. H.
We were married on Christmas Day 2008. Nothing grand - simple like us.
They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. I KNOW that to be true.
 And when there are days that I want to slap him in the back of the head .. he always manages to surprise me.

Today, he sat down and read my blog!! Never thought he noticed. (He is a man's man- nothing girly)
He said he loved it. Really? Mr. H  has even offered to help me on my projects for the up coming year!

I knew I loved him for a reason. Even though, " the new car smell" has worn off - I am glad that I am his and he is mine.

The road ahead of us is a long one. The road behind us has been very hard to travel: Economy, job loss, breast cancer, kids, and the list goes on. But he was there holding my hand all the way. ( Granted, we pit stopped a few times to yell :)

Our one year anniversary is next month, 

and I cannot imagine growing old without him. I can't wait to  sit on our porch swing

and watch the sun set together.
I often think that out of everyone in the world he could have had... he chose me.
Because Lord knows I am not perfect ..

and I am surely not Beyonce. lol
 ( I can do that pose.. impressive huh?) 


  1. Contact me Girl!!
    This is Linda from

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Blog!!

  2. Hmmmm, I think you're MUCH better than Beyonce! And Mr. H is a lucky man. Happy Early Anniversary!

  3. Love it!! Never underestimate the power of a good and proper tanty (ssshh!!! Never tell my daughter I said that!!!).


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