November 15, 2009

Just call me Rosie

I did it!!! I can't believe it.. I DID IT!!
I made a blog button!! Wooohoooo!!
(Doing my spazzy dance in my living room and screaming to the top of my lungs at 11:53 at night- mind you)
I am once again a happy - no estatic woman!!

Break out the champagne..
(and hey, I just happen to have one right here. No joke. I am serious..)

Whip out the streamers...
(throwing some curling ribbon from my craft drawer)

I am a happy woman.
You may not understand this but I HATE to giveup. There is something in me that God made that drives me insane when I cannot finish something. Especially something I want. I know my poor husband dosen't understand.. He just walked in here looking at me like this...

( He just informed me that I woke him and our daughter up and could I please keep the party quiet. Wants to know is that really ribbon and champagne... YES!!)

To all my blog friends.. 

                                thank you for putting up with my tantrum and thank you Ms. Sherry.
 Ok you can go back to bed now.....

(photos by google images)


  1. Woohoo, if I was in the neighbourhood I'd come over and join the celebration!
    I love when you put pictures to illustrate what you're saying. Being a visual person it brings the whole thing to life for me :o)

  2. So you do the spazzy dance too, eh? You are too funny! Reading you is sooooo like reading Angelique. I'll bet y'all are a hoot together!
    Have a great Sunday,

  3. Okay. Spill it. (After you wake up) How did you get the words on your picture? That is what I cannot figure out! Please do share.

  4. Melaifaif , I put the words on my picture (The Six divided by two) on my photobucket. Then I just used the link that it gave me to add it to my gadget. Now as far as the words that appear under pic ( in the box) I have a code that I used and just kept tinkering with it until I figured it out. I was sooo sleeply that after a while all the letters kept running together. But now that I am awake I think I can figure it out again.

  5. I love your blog, its wonderful. Thank you for joining mine, I am a follower of yours now.

    God bless,

  6. You are too cute! Oh my goodness i can completely relate to the frustrations of trying to figure something out on the computer and it not working out.... and then finally victory!!!! Yippy So happy you found my blog and now it brought me to yours!! From one junk loving friend to another, happy weekend,

  7. Go Rosie, go, go ,

    I love love love love you BLOG!

    I had a blast reading through.. Your one funny lady :)

    Did i mentioned that i love your

    And i think i found another latina who blogs, am i right? lol

  8. lol.. ooh man i feel sooo silly! sorry i though i had it surely look latina! But anyways, is a TOTAL pleasure.. And i still enjoy your blog as much :)


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