November 6, 2009

Cancer Couture

Do you see this terrific lady?? The identical version if me without the mask. That is the greatest sister (yet alone TWIN) in the enitre world!!! She is Angelique the proud blogger of Six in one hand .  

 Why the mask you ask?? Well... I am facing breast cancer. Thursday I had to go back to M.D. Anderson for yet MORE test. So when I told her about it weeks ago she stepped up to the plate. She volunteered to go with me. That is no easy task. I literally spend ALLLLLL day there being prodded like cattle. She left home at 4 a.m. picked me up and we arrived at 8!!

Only Angelique and I could make a "girls day" out of this. With STARBUCKS in hand (eggnog latte - my fave ), a laptop ( to keep tabs on our blogs ) and some other essentials we took our spot for the first of MANY test that would last 8 hours. Whew...

She was heartbroken that she could not go to my test with me. I really wished she could have too. But, whenever I came from one test to go to the next- she was there. Tired and worn out from lack of sleep she never waivered. We even had a  nice lunch ( only lasted 15 minutes because I had yet ....another test).

 One would think that going to a place like M.D. Anderson is depressing- but it's not. You know that everyone else that is there is in the same boat you are. Their anchor might be a little heavier than yours but you are there together.  The doctors have told me that I might need a masectomy on both breast -I laughed. Everyone  looked at me like I had taken leave of my senses. My response," Wooohooo I can wear tube tops again!" 
It has been an amazing journey from April until now. I have to give some "shout outs" to the ones who have stood by my side and who I know will always have my back- even if they take the "twins". First, big ups to the man upstairs. I can do all things through you. Second, to my daughters and my husband. I know it hasn't been easy but we made it and will continue to. Third, to my momma- gotta love her. And finally, to my sis. Thank you for everything. You always know what to do. Only you and I can make a photo shoot out of a cancer clinic. How AWESOME is that??????

Fight Like A Girl ....
I will go down swingin' !!!!!! 


  1. I do belive you were dropped at birth.....honestly.

  2. Misty, Angelique was right, you are one tough, strong, funny, all-around awesome gal! I love your spirit, your mama did a good job with you two!

  3. Keep up the fantastic, positive attitude. I know you have the strength to handle anything that God sends your way. I love your blog. You are so funny. Visit my blog soon. Take care, Bunnie

  4. Great blog Six by Two, you and your sister remind me of me and mine! Love the "Fight Like a Girl" comment!! Thanks for the bloggy love, I came to return the favour, and will stick around to read more of your funny, brave and beautiful self! Mwah!

  5. Great attitude, and that is half the battle. You are lucky to have your sister by your side.

  6. A sense of humour is essential - even during the really horrible bits (I know that pesonally)Sending you love and prayers from freezing cold London XXX

  7. I'm confused, are you BOTH going through cancer right now?
    I pray for healing,

  8. you are strong and funny and have a great sense about you. you'll fight this cancer's ass and come out laughing. (love the tube top funny!) i'll definitely keep you in my thoughts. my aunt was actually diagnosed with BC this past week and as you, shell go down swinging!

    ps the mask is very "exotic" looking :)


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