November 4, 2009

The House on Haunted Hill ...

I have the most incredible sis in the entire world. She is the ying to my yang!! (Of course we are twins). She hI as the most amazing visions for Halloween Parties. No, these are NOT your decorations from the local Dollar store. Oh NOOOOOOOO she goes alllllllll out!!! Every year has a different theme. Last time the theme was Killer High School. From the dead cheerleader , the Silent Hill school nurse, to the creepy cafeteria ladies. She has the Vision. I kind of worry about her some times- she can get pretty weird. However she gets them - They are AWESOME!!! This year the theme was the Haunted Mansion. I have to sing her praises on this one- (bowing to the floor in her awesomeness as the clouds open up and sunlight beams on her face ) the party was perfect!!

Soooooo without further delay ( drum roll please )....... The Haunted Mansion 2009My sis and her Hubby
The Madame of the house and the grounds keeperMorgana
The Vampire Vixen
This is my oldest daughter - she is a teenager and I swear her eyes look like that when she is all moody
(rolling my eyes)Terrible Taylor
Looking for playmates ( she even had a lil red wagon- creepy)
This is my youngest daughter- she really is cute - I swear ...
The Entire Cast

Did you happen to notice the makeup?? That's meeeee. It's one of my many passions. I loooovvveee makeup- you'll see.
I won't steal my sister's spotlight. This is her baby- I just want you to take a peek at it.
(Putting the blanket back over the baby)


  1. Tighten those bra straps girl, and get ready for the time of your life! Welcome aboard the Ship of Fools!

  2. Hey!

    Welcome to blog land! I got to meet your sister in Warrenton. She's awesome! She always says we are junkin twins, but I am so glad to finally meet the real twin! Best of luck with your new blog journey!


  3. Hello and Welcome to Blog Land! I found you through your sister :) You are going to love all the wonderful people you will come across here in the family of creative people :) It is so nice to meet you and please come and visit my Blog when you can :)

    Happy Friday!

    LuLu Kellogg


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