November 11, 2009

Just like a kid in a candy store .... Giveaway madness!!!

 I am still in awe at all the stuff blog land has to offer. At first I felt like Alice in Wonderland, now I am a kid in a candy store... I cannot get enough!!!

Each "Click" is a new experience with a goodie behind every door ( or tab ). I have learned a few things along the way ( and I have soo much more to learn. Like how do I get a blog button? Can ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE???? I will be forever in your debt...)  I have learned that there are awards and giveaways. Really?? That rocks!! I have such awesome followers ( Thank you to each and every one of you!! ) that I think I should be one as well.

    Paula, of Castle and Cottage is having an awesome giveaway in honor of the Christams spirit!!


Also, Ms. Jana from Collected Treasures   having a giveaway as well. Ladies, you all know how to have a giveaway!!            


             She is giving away FIVE Victorian screen cones..Beautiful.

Stop by to see Tracey  at  French Larkspur . She is also having a GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!

There are a couple of great things every mom deserves and wants.

The Old Parsonage 
is having a wonderful giveaway!!

I actually kind of want these myself!!!
Please visit the lovely blogs, you will not be disappointed. 

If I see other giveaways, I will be sure to let you know. Until then... I am off to get a sugar rush from another blog...

( Photos by photobucket)  



  1. I know, I know! I had no idea what I was missing in bloggy world! Lots of yummy candy, for sure! The button is not so easy...I have been working on may be able to use your header picture, with some added text. I'll let you know if I figure it out...and you do the same, please. Need one for my Red Curlz.

  2. Hi! I know just what you mean about all the fun out here in blogland - at every turn...and the people we meet are so awesome! I love it too!

    So glad you stopped by my blog and have become a follower!

    Have a beautiful day! Kathy

  3. So nice that you visited me, cause now I get to come to see you! Love the comparison of blogland to candy. Such a good analogy! I too am loving it, getting to 'know' other bloggers. I am so impressed by all the creativity and talent. I do have a couple buttons on my blog, but sure don't know how to get one that's mine!!

  4. Here are some links about getting your own blog button:

    Hope this helps! I also hope you're feeling better, too.

  5. Thanks anne!! I will try to make one... Wish me luck

  6. It is lovely when I am introduced to new blogs. I could spend the day viewing all of them.

    Under the Kindred Spirits section of my blog is Paisley Cat Scraps. She gives terrific tips on blog layouts, buttons etc.

  7. Hey there! Thanks for signing up to follow my blog! I have just returned the favor!!! :-)

    I really like your blog design....the scallops and the yellow background....very nice!!

    It is nice to connect with you. I am looking forward to following along!



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