November 10, 2009

Love This Time Of Year.....

I love this time of year..... I go into my domestic diva mode.

The cool air and the leaves crunching underfoot do something to me. I turn into domestic diva supreme!!!

I strap on my super hero cape ( ok an apron.. A girl can dream.) and get to work.

(photo by Alexander Price)

(Photo by Alexandre Price)

Go to the local Farmer's market and get the freshest produce and products so I can  whip up some good ole fashioned southern goodness for my family.

The girls and I bake until we just cannot bake anymore!!!

Dosen't that sound lovely?  Oh it is... until I realize that the holiday season is upon us and the 10 pounds I gained from all the baking.... sigh. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the holidays but my Betty Crocker /Martha Stewart moments eventually end up ....

IN MASS CHAOS!!! You know what I mean. Do not act like I am the only one.
Running to the mall, fighting the crowds, making you sure you did not forget anyone. Trying to keep your decorations picture perfect as your kids come home and throw their homework on the precisely arranged centerpiece. Ohhhh I know I am not the only one.
So ladies and gents ... Enjoy the calm before the storm this week.

Have a spot of tea, enjoy a loong bath, read a book. Have some me time. I know that I will....

(photos provided by Alexander Price and photobucket) ..


  1. I so thought it was just me! Enjoy your holiday and those 10 lbs, I know I'll be enjoying mine

  2. Oh cool weather sounds nice right about now. I have been gardening in 32 degree heat!! That's 90 degrees in American Farneheit!!

  3. You are so right about the chaos! The picture perfect Martha Stewart-like atmosphere I picture in my head just doesn't exist for me in real life...a girl can dream!

  4. LOL, I have already starting eating apple pie and too many other sweets *sheepish look*

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Adore the "attitude" of your blog......thanks for following me and for the sweet words....I've picked you up as well so I can "keep up with the girls"! xojana

  6. Hey, don't worry about the pounds, that's what "next Monday" is know, as in "I'll start that diet NEXT Monday!" At least that's the way it goes in my house! ;-)
    You are so cute!


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