November 22, 2009

Pass the Rolls Please.....

 Today is Sunday....
The first day of the week...
The day many of us attend church and offer up our praises.

My family does this as well.
As a child I could not wait for the last hymn to be sang, and the last prayer to be prayed.
I was ready to go home to....

Sunday Dinner!!!
Granted, my mamma cooks everday!! But Sunday is the day where everyone is there together.
We sit down together and just enjoy being family.

After everyone is fat fat full ( My mamma can really cook!! She can throw down in the kitchen!!)
we all sit around and watch t.v., go to sleep, or just do our own thing.

I know that Thanksgiving is just a few days away.
Everyone will name off what they are thankful for and partake of fixins galore.
Every Sunday is Thanksgiving at our mom's house. And I could not be more thankful for my family if I tried.
Sunday dinner is a tradition that I pray we can pass on for generations to come.
I have to go now..... My dinner is getting cold. 

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  1. I love this post. We have forgotten at times the important things in life. How blessed you are to have a loving and giving family. Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving. I am putting you and Angelique up on the side bar of my Bible Study for prayer.
    hugs and love,


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