November 23, 2009

Wings don't fail me now....

This is us...

when life was simple...
not a care in the world.
Then we began this process of life ...
We have always been together- you and me.
Broken hearts.. you were there.
Birth of my girls.. you were there.
Sickness.. you were there.
Birth of your sons.. I was there.
Loss of loved ones.. we were there together.
You are my twin... but more than that you are my BEST FRIEND.

My sister Angelique ( of Six In One Hand)
has been dealt a really tough hand this past week.
The doctors say that they are sure that it is cancer.
I say," We will beat this!"
Even more than that I ask God, " to let it be me.. not her."
I will gladly walk in her shoes anyday.
She feels alone... I know that she is not.

My faith in the Lord tells me otherwise and my love for her knows she will never be.
She says she feels like a bird out on a limb all by herself...

Well, that limb better be strong enough for two.
And just in case it isn't...
I will just have to flap my wings with all my might ...
and carry her.

So, I am asking all of my blog family to remember my sister when you go to God today...
because I already have...


  1. Thank you Mitty!!!!

    (Smell it...Smell it...)

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Visited her blog and offered prayer...and will keep both of you on my heart. Be strong and laugh often!

  4. It's true - life can be a trial, I will pray for strength for you both. Remember, as Mother Theresa once said "I know God wouldn't give me any trial I couldn't handle, I just wish he didn't trust me so much!"

  5. Our prayers are with you guys. As twins we understand the rending of your hearts!

  6. Thanks for popping over to my blog to say hello. Blessings to you and your sister.

  7. What can only be the best support there is.. sisterly love.

    Tell her no more is the worry. Let it go and just watch what is going to happen!!!

    Hugs for both of you!!!


  8. Twins have such a unique bond and it's especialy true of you and your sister. I don't think there is anything y'all can't face because you have each other. I'm praying for God's healing and strength for both of you.

  9. Prayers have been said for your whole family, you sound like such a strong group and that is a blessing in itself. I have given you an award on my blog today and I undertand if you don't want to do all of the steps, you have enough on your plate, but you have inspired me and I thought others should meet you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! ~ Theresa

  10. Your sister not only has her strength but yours as you two share that extra bond as twins. My prayers are with her.

    Thank you for stopping by today! Good luck :)

    Have a wonderful day,


  11. I continue to lift your sister and your family up in prayer! The power of prayer is amazing and when you have sisters on your side, like YOU! I say nothing, NOTHING is impossible! You are a blessing. She is a blessing. Continue fighting...


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