November 24, 2009

Celebrate Good Times ...Come on!!!!

I have been truly blessed and HONORED this week...


I was given this lovely award!!
Theresa at 612 Riverside blessed me with this lovely gem.
Big shout out to Theresa!!! ( please go visit her awesome blog)
I have to share 10 interesting facts about me.
Hmmmm let's see.... ok here we go!
1: I have an amazing other half. My twin sister Angelique.
She is the blog diva of Six in one hand.
2. I am a mother of two girls. Morgan 15 and Taylor 12.
I have teenagers ( please pray for me..)
3. I oil paint, dance(praise dance is my favorite),sing,  and I studied piano for 9 years.
My mamma wanted us to have a talent.
4. I looooovve Black Americana!!
I once swapped a tag to $20 from $75 for a mammy butterchurn.
The owner tried to pass it off as an antique- it is a
5.I do a mean impersonation of the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.
6. I love flea markets and junk sales.
It is my favorite date to go on with my hubby.
7.I am in love with Waverly and barefoot roses.
I want my casket lined with them. No... seriously.
And a matching gown. lol
8. I am facing Breast cancer..
oh no tears.. If they have to take the twins I can wear tube tops again.
9.My mamma and my sister are my BFFs!!!
I have other friends but these are my girls!!!
10. Jesus is my homie!!

I want to share this amazing award with  7 other bloggy divas that I truly admire

Fiona and Twig    ( our bloggy triplett)

Once again, thank you , thank you, THANK YOU!!!
The party has already started here..
Singing , "Celebrate good times.. Come on!"
( doing my spazzy dance as we speak)
There is plenty food and the champagne is chilled!!
We will wait for you before we do the balloon drop.
Hope to see you there!!!

P.S. Please feel free to pick up my new button I made. I'm kinda getting the hang of this!!!


  1. That's so awesome and fun! Thanks for picking me as a fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger! You and your sis are amazing warrior divas. You both inspire me, so thank you. This blog world is something else!! So much more spiritual than I could have ever imagined. Thanks to people like you...I am thankful. I pray you and your family have a glorious Thanksgiving!

  2. Congratulations on your award...and thanks so much for visiting me!!! Have fun and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Your friend, Coralie

  3. Oh! Wow! Thanks so much Six, I adore your blog, thanks for brightening my day with your wit and strength!

  4. what a wonderful award you received and I loved reading more about you!! Wishing you many blessings and a very Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Congratulations!!! Thanks for coming by my place and wishing me well on my move. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



  6. Congrats on your award! Thanks for sharing it with me...very sweet of you to do so!
    So sorry that you are having to deal with breast cancer...but with your heart and zest for life, I have no doubt you are sooo going to beat it! Lots of prayers headed your way!
    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  7. Hi, linked through from Quixotic Life. All the best to your family as you all face your challenges. Will hold thumbs, send good karma, speak to my weather gods and do whatever I can to send strength and love.

  8. You are so awesome, thank you!!!
    It was great getting to (sort of) talk to you today! You and Angelique have a great Thanksgiving and on your FUN road trip Friday!

  9. Wonderful 10 Things! You have an awesome sense of humour, long may that reign on your fab Blog! I had 5 teenagers - prayers probably won't help as much as opening your wallet & offering them money to leave the house for 4 hrs.!
    Millie ^_^


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