November 25, 2009

Welcome fellow bloggy diva !!!

Remember when you were the new kid on the block??
I do. I was really nervous whenI hit enter to publish my first post.
"Will they like it? What if they think I am boring?"
"What if they don't like my blog?"
Soooo many thoughts ran through my mind.
But I had a sister who has bloggy friends in high places.
She hooked a sister up.
Then Anne from Fiona and Twig hooked me up and the list goes on.
I have only been in bloggy land not quite a month and the love I have recieved is remarkable.
So, it is my duty to pass on the love....

This is Kelly of I Dream of Decor.
She is a newbie just like me.
I loooove her blog.
She is a girl after my own heart.
Kelly has an awesome sense of style and fab post.

She has already done some DYI projects...

and took some terrific photos as well.

Please go by and check out Kelly and her amazing blog.
Let's send her some bloggy love.
I'll go first......MWUUUAAAAHHHH!!!!!


  1. Blessings, girl, I went right over and said Hi. take care of yourself. Big hugs!

  2. imagine my amazement when I saw this in my blogroll after coming home from making stuffing at my Mom's house! thank you so much for putting my blog out there and the compliments also! I truly appreciate it:)

  3. Anytime Kelly!!! Enjoy your holiday!!

  4. Shall go over and say Hi! :)

  5. Hi~
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. My sister and I started blogging together, and we have had a ton of fun. So sweet of you to mention a friend, and loved your thankful for list. I will have to stop by often, have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Ooh a cup of tea? Yes please! A girl after my own heart! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog... it's lovely to meet a fellow shoeaholic. Your blog is so pretty... and the fact that you mentioned Dior in your profile... you'll go far lady! Happy Thanksgiving! I wish we celebrated it here in the UK.. any excuse for a celebration!

  7. Lovely happy blog you have over here! :)


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