December 19, 2009

The best FBM a girl could ask for ...

I have the BEST Fairy Blog Mother that a girl could ask for...
Anne of Fiona and Twig.
( I am late on posting this )
last week I had a package come to my house.
I was having a really crappy day.
You know one of those days when all is just wrong.
My mind starts racing.."who is this from?"
Oh it is from Anne.
I opened it..

I luuurrrrrvveee it!!
It is a vintage cough syrup bottle with a really vintage presciption on it.
I am screaming like a kid at Christmas!!!
See, my career is in pharmacy. 16 years worth.
I have a dire passion for vintage pharmacy items.

OH I just adore this !!!
It sits on my desk right next to my keyboard.
Whenever I am online I think of her.
Thank you Anne!!!! Thank you!!

So on my birthday we made sure to visit Anne's fav store
We saw this lil cutie and Angelique and I had to have them..
having a 6 on it and all!!!
I have a wonderful surprise for Anne..
it is on it's way.
If you have never had the pleasure of meeting my FBM- you should go say hello to her.
Make sure to stop by her Etsy shop too.
For she is , by FARRRRR, the best Fairy Blog Mother a girl could ask for!!!


  1. Hi sweetie... how fabulous! I love things like that... so glad you and Angelique had a nice birthday! Love to you... Bisous... Julie Marie PS I may need you to take your earrings off for me today!!!

  2. OH WOW. How sweet of her.

    Yes, isn't she just the nicest person? One of the first bloggers I ever found and I just love her to death. Never met her, just can tell she is a sweet person.


  3. Oh my gosh - that is the coolest bottle!!! That Anne... she's workin' her magic isn't she? LOL

    The 6 is too cute!!!

    Have a good one!
    :-) robelyn

  4. Oh, How cool!
    I can see why you would enjoy these treasures from the past. It makes me think of the movie.."IT'S a wonderful life"!
    What a great FGM.. !

  5. I agree with you! Anne is a sweetheart! Love your goodie bottle.
    smiles, alice
    PS I think I that bottle might have come from the sale where I might Anne.

  6. That bottle is great and it sounds like it's prefect for you.

  7. Misty, you are SO welcome!
    I was a little nervous putting it together, 'cause I am NOT Miss Crafty, but I think it turned out pretty okay.

    I'm so pleased that you love it!

    Big hugs,
    Anne, F.B.M.

  8. What a fab fairy Godmother! I love old medicine and pharmaceutical items...being a RN..I am feeling this for you! What a great treat!

  9. How sweet! I have those little number jars in "7" & '2' Have a sweet day!


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