December 18, 2009

Get out your PJ's.. It's a slumber party!!!

One of my fav and fab bloggy sisters is having a
Ms. Talking Trash herself  is having the party of parties!!!

Oooh I am so excited!! I cannot wait ..
But there are rules we have to follow...

  1. No dancing on the furniture...that includes the Twist, Mashed Potatoes, Jerk, Iron Horse, and the Cabbage Patch!
  2. No smoking the bathroom...I don't care if everybody else is doing it! If everybody else was running naked in the streets, would you do that too? Don't answer that, you know who!
  3. No prank phone calling...unless I'm the one doing the dialing! got Prince Albert in a can? 
  4. No opening the windows for boys to sneak in and NO sneaking out to meet guys...bring 'em in the front door...just let me get the curlers outta my hair first and some lipstick on!
  5. No gossiping...I don't care if you can see through Gussie's gown...pretend you don't!
  6. toilet papering the neighbor's house.

  7. I can live with all of those....

      But I had that really cute Jacob from New Moon stopping by. 
    Have you seen him??????? 


    I am bringing my flask ... if anyone wants to liven up the punch!!! 
    There was no rule about that!! 
    OK I am off to go get 

    My Pj's. I love footies!! 
    I will see you there!!!!!! 


  1. Oh how much I love the header. So sweet. And yes! That is my art likey?

  2. I am so glad you posted that photo of me...I'm the really cute one just so's you know! Tell me, are you having a good time 'cause I sure am! I'm so glad to have all of y'all playing along with me. I always worry I'll throw a party and no one will show up!
    Just remember, if you bring a flask to leave your keys at the door!
    P.S. I gotta get back...I think they are duct taping Cat Daddy to a chair!


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