December 4, 2009

flurries scurries ....

I woke up from a long nap as my oldest was walking through the door.
And she was covered in.. snow!! Not a few flurries mind you but SNOW!!!
I threw on my hat, grabbed my camera, and the teenager and ran outside.
(My hubby is standing at the door shaking his head.)
Now to some of you snow is now big deal.
But to me... it's BIG!!!
The first time I ever saw snow I was in 6th grade. I prayed allllllll night for it to snow.
God answered my prayer. When I woke up the ground was white. Angelique and I raced through breakfast and BEGGED to go outside.
So today, I was taken back in time ...6th grade.

Morgan kept screaming, "Gross!"
I'm thinking , "Cool."
Yes I am trying to eat snow. This hardly ever happens here.

I do not know if you can see it but that's not rain. That's snow baby!
I will see if God will honor my prayer again. I need a kiddie moment.
We all do from time to time.
So Lord, pleaaaase let it snow again tomorrow...
I want to go play.


  1. Hi!!
    welcome to my Blog!
    I see you in the followers list and so happy to have you !
    First I need to say, I love your blog, I love your pics, I love your Attitude!
    I love your profile description of you.It is just plain Cool GF!
    So nice to meet you and see and read what you have here, now let me go snoop around a bit.
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I was so tickled to see SNOW in your neck of the woods! I feel the same way! Grew up going to Houston and Galveston!

  3. You are too cute and hilarious! we are calling for snow here in VA tonight or tomorrow and I must say I'm a bit excited since my little guy (my 16 month old) will get to play in it a bit since our last snow he was just and infant! have fun and hope you get more.

  4. Put me in for one of those WOOOOHOOOs!! Stay warm!

  5. Nothing beats Texas snow...with the little bits of grass and dirt mixed in! We got nary a flake in Dallas.

  6. Hi, send some of that cool white stuff this way. Its our hottest time of year here and today was putrid.


  7. I too thought it was cool that we got snow, if only it had stuck. Hugs from your fellow neighbor!

  8. You can have all the snow you want from my neck of the woods.


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