December 4, 2009

Let it snow

I watch the news like a little old lady..
or a faithful mom. I wake every morning at 5a.m. and turn on the news.
Sure, I see all the crimes and houses that caught on fire from the night before.
(I have to watch the news in the morning. If I watch it at night.. I have bad dreams. )
(Stop laughing at me.. Stop it!!)
So as I was main purpose for waking up so early is the weather.
I make sure my girls have their umbrellas if there is a chance of rain. "Put on your jackets", if it will be chilly when they get off the bus. So this morning a forecast of snow.
"Snow?" in lil ole Conroe, Tx. This hardly ever happens.
So I make sure my girls are wrapped up like Eskimos.
(Even though the teenager thinks she is too cute to wear a hat. Sheesh.)
I head out to Wal-mart so we can bunker down this weekend.
I get out of my car and what do I see...

Snow flurries!!!
I am hoping that by morning I will at least be able to make a snow ball.

I can only dream of making a snow angel.
(One day... One day. A girl can dream can't she?)

Maybe I can make a mini snowman.

And a white Christmas... Well, let's just say that hope springs eternal.
I am glad that the snow is here. My family and I will plug up the tree, sit in front of the fire, and watch a few movies together. So, if I can't make a snowman, of have a snowball fight, at least I can enjoy the moments spent with my family.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!


  1. Great post, I love the snow ball fights.

    I am excited about the birthday giveaway.

    Have a great weekend.

    °º©©º°¨¨°º©©º°¨¨Be sure 2 visit me¨¨°º©©º°¨¨°º©©º°
    •._.•´¯`•._.•´¯`•.♥°o.O•°o.O HEIDI O.o°•O.o°♥•._.•´¯`•._.•´¯`•.

  2. Oy. We got over 12 inches overnight, and it has continued to snow all day so far. Up to 14" on our deck, with drifting snow through the yard and all the way to the hen house. YIKES!

  3. No white Christmas here in Florida - enjoy your flurries while they last

  4. It snowed in Primitiques this morning...the penguins and snow owls have made it to Poetry. Wait til you see the pics! Or are you going to come see them in person? hmmm ~Mindy

  5. LOL girl - how'd you know I had my tongue stuck on the pole?!!?

    Isn't this the totally coolest (well, really - it's stinkin' COLD!!!) thing?!!? Unfortunately the sun is now out and there is NO sign of snow... I'm coming your direction. LOLOL

    Enjoy enjoy!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  6. Eeeeeeeek! We are supposed to have flurries tonight! YAY!


  7. Hi, Dear Misty, come back inside now. No frostbite down there OK? I have a little something to run by you. would you please email me? It's on my profile page.

  8. I will send you some of our Utah snow that is predicted for this weekend! It really is beautiful, but I like Spring better! Today here it is 14 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like one degree... brrr! Enjoy your cozy fire tonight with your family... Bisous... Julie Marie

  9. Oh! Snow!! I have never, ever, even seen real snow and am sweltering in the humidity before a (hopefully)tropical storm.


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