December 3, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

At my house.
 I finally  had a little motivation to put up a few decorations for Christmas.
I enlisted the help of the handsome Mr. H get the tree out of storage and to assemble it.
(Yes, I love artificial trees. Who wants to vacuum pine needles until Easter? Only to be replaced by Easter grass.)
The handsome Mr. H agreed and assembled it in no time flat.
(He made me swear not to take any pics of him doing this loving chore. Such a guy)

So here she is ...
(Mind you I did not go all out this year. I kept it reaaaalll simple.)

I found these lovelies in Athens. I had to have them - they scream vintage tree!!

I also found theeesssee!!
I should have purchased more..*sniff sniff*

What is more important than family?
These darlings were 25 cents each. I glued them to a ribbon and
viola!!! Instant garland.

and of course my fav doll is present.

I then moved on to my coffee table. I added some ribbon and hydrangeas to a silver piece that I have and
made 2 candles with the same ribbon.  Easy and really pretty. The pic does not do it justice at all.

What is Christmas without ornaments?

I even decorated the top of the entertainment center... lol.

I have a thing for angels....

These are just a few of my favorites.
I placed my angel collection on my buffet for all to see.
This year the Christmas spirit has just not hit me yet.
I love this holiday for what is represents- the birth of my savior.
Running to the mall, checking your list and all of the pressure to buy the "perfect gift" just does not move me this year.
(OH, stop looking at me like that!!)
I had a year to remember. 2009 taught me soo very much. When you look mortality in the face- your outlook changes. I realize that I already have my perfect gift..The gift of salvation.
 I am sure that the closer Christmas gets here I will become more enthused.
Right now I just want to reflect ...
(and soak my aching
My tree may not be much.. but what can compare to the ultimate topper that shone in the stars over two thousand years ago?

 May your holiday be blessed and remember to ...

Merry Christmas


  1. Your tree is beautiful and so are you decorations. I've been thinking and praying for you and your sister.


  2. Lovely decorations Misty! I tried to comment on your last post, but had cyber-gremlins. Please know I am keeping you and Angelique in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. FAMILY I love that...very pretty... :)

  4. It all looks beautiful in the simplicity of it. Isn't it nice just to surround yourself with the things that bring you joy instead of "stuff"?
    I've had y'all on my mind all day. Give yourself and sis a hug from me.
    P.S. I agree...once you've walked through fire, the routine things just don't get to you like they once did. It's the little joys that matter most...that and family.

  5. Love the tree. Love the decorations. Prayers to you and your twin. The cross is perfect, "Do everything in love".

  6. What a lovely post! I hopped over from Farmgirl Cyn's was a blessing to "meet" you!

    Have a wonderful we celebrate THE REASON for it all!!


  7. Really pretty tree and love the angels - I have a thing for boy cherubs (I lost my son at 1 month of age) and sometimes boy cherubs are so hard to find.

  8. beautiful! hey, girl, bet it really is starting to look like Christmas down there - saw your sweet town on a morning show - drw (don't remember which/who) - worked in houston for 9 months last year - visited conroe often - anway, love the doorplate ornie - and the FAMILY flash card banner - way cool -

    thank you for stopping by and joining our blog ..

    troy & rod

  9. What a sweet message! Amen, sister!

    I know what you mean about mortality. I feel that my whole life changed the day I learned that my dad's cancer was terminal. Suddenly, my own mortality got a whole lot more real. And my heart got softer and with a greater capacity for love and forgiveness. God works all things together for good for those who love him.

    I love your angels!

  10. My dear Gorgeous You,

    THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL POST!!! AND!!! I love your tree! Just as cute as you are!!!

    This year, I'm with ya. All Christmas decor in my house is in the "half state"...half done, most not. I don't have my sleigh bells ringing just yet because I keep getting side-tracked with life...and at the end of each day I walk in exhausted, but so Thankful for every minute I got to spend with whomever was on my list that day. My life and all who are in it are really my Christmas decorations this year - I'm thinkin' I'm going to make 'em all some duct tape bows... Last night I even re-packed a couple of boxes and slid 'em back into Christmas storage!!!

    I think I'm just gonna get everybody a roll of duct tape this year (cerealiously, that stuff rocks - AND! It comes in colors and patterns!!!) and then I can even skip the lists and crush at the stores!!!

    Are ya with me?
    ;-D Robelyn

  11. Your decorations are beautiful... I love your little favorite doll and of course the angels... Since I am new to your blog I was not aware of what is happening to you and your sister... I will check your older posts... please know my prayers go out to to you and your sister... Bisous... Julie Marie

  12. AMEN!!!! Lovely tree and I adore the silver bowl with the red ornaments...yummy!

  13. I love the door knob plate as a Christmas tree ornament! Your home looks so ready to welcome the holidays.

    Beth of Salvage Studio

  14. I love the little door/key thingy hanging on your tree! That is just awesome!
    I'm still thinking about and praying for your sweet sis. How is she doing? How are YOU doing?
    Love y'all!


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