December 3, 2009

Something on my mind

Have you ever had a worry...
or had a concern that you cannot get off of your mind?
You know what I mean.

the one thing that makes the world sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown...
"Womp whomp whomp.."

And you are just not listening....
That's me today.

My other half is headed to the hospital for a series of test.
Angelique has been dealt a pretty rough hand these past few weeks.

But we both know what prayer can and will do..
                                   "And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up;
and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him." James 5:15
I know of a doctor who has never lost a case .
Who will hold you up when you just cannot go any further.

You can just touch the hem of his garment..
and be made whole.
My faith tells me not to worry,
but I am still concerned.

Angelique has been blessed with a wonderful husband who
stands by her side and cares for her dearly.
I know that she is in good hands.

But I place her (and this situation) in the loving hands of the Lord.
He watches over the sparrows- why not her.

I take solice in knowing that he has given his angels to watch over her..
and that she can find a peace that passes all understanding in the safety of his arms.

But if you call my name today and I just don't hear you...
please do not take it personal...

I just have something on my mind. 

(Photos by google images and David of Student of Life)


  1. Dearest Misty...she's been on my mind since sunrise this morning - and foremost in my prayers offered up every few minutes - all of you.


  2. How blessed you and Angelique are to have each other! You can believe it..she is on all our minds and hearts, and will be lifted up in the blogosphere!

  3. You two ladies are so faithful and I am sure that is what will pull you BOTH through. My prayers won't stop...

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.

  5. And I do not blame you. It is a difficult situation at best. However....You know where your strength comes from, and that is the saving grace in all of this. I have continued to pray for Angelique and appreciate the updates. Jesus never fails.

    Keepin' the faith with you,

  6. Your beautiful sister, her family, you and your family, the physicians are all in my prayers. Comfort and peace to you, Sweet Misty. ~Mindy

  7. Misty, God has had her on my heart also. The scripture about Living Water just came into my heart. May she drink deep and long, and be refreshed in mind AND body. We are all in prayer with you, the both of you. I'm so glad she has a man that's taking good care of her here on earth!
    love you girls,

  8. It's awesome that your faith is strong through hard times.

  9. My dearest, sweetest sister Angelique is foremost in my thoughts and prayers today.
    I love you both, ya know, and I always keep you in my prayers, too.

    With much love,

  10. Misty would you please email me when you have a minute? Love you,

  11. we're awaiting the Good News...not any bad reports. (hug)

  12. I so understand why you would most definately be concerned. You know God knows your concerns and how much you love your sister and I know he sees what needs to be done to help her get better. I'll be praying with you too for her.

  13. Our prayers are with you!!! May the Lord bless you and sustain you!


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