December 16, 2009

I'm a grandmother!!!!

 I came home Monday to discover a carseat in my living room.
I hear a baby crying.
Morgan, my oldest,comes around the corner holding something in a blanket and it is crying it's head off.
"Meet your grandson T.J."
I am at  a loss for words...

 Did I miss the baby shower? Or better yet, " When did this happen?!!"

This bundle of joy is tiny ..and crying still.
She is rocking it and patting it on it's back.
I remove the blanket..

Oh my....
"It's my project for school."
Sigh.... BIG SIGH!!!
This is T.J.

He is an atomically correct baby that she has to keep for her Family Development Class.
He came with car seat and all.
You have to hold his head just like a newborn and he has a variety of keys
from diaper change to affection and even a panic key to help soothe his cries.
(He obviously has
Morgan has to care for him like he was her very own.
This is painful for me to day she might have children - I'm not ready for that thought yet.
Wait a minute ..Why dosen't it spit up on your last clean shirt?
Or run a fever at 2 a.m. and you have no idea why.
That would be ideal in my eyes.
But on a high note she has to take her bundle of joy EVERYWHERE!!!
We head out to the mall..
T.J. in tow .
(It's raining and Mr. H has to pull the car around so he won't get wet.. too funny!!! )
Morgan is complaining that the baby car seat is too heavy.
WOW.. imagine if it was a real baby!!
I give my girls some money to walk the mall as I get my hair done.
I look back and Morgan and T.J. are sitting there.
What?? Not walk the mall with money??
Nope. She's not cool with her baby on her arm.
We head over to dinner. She has to get a place for T.J. too.
People are looking at me like I am the bad parent...
then they see T.J.
One lady screamed.
"Do you have a problem with my grandson?"
She realizes that it is a doll.

( I know he looks like E.T.)
I like this idea.. caring for a baby to show you how you are NOT ready for one!!
With teenage pregnancy becoming the norm , this is AWESOME.
We even have to be quiet when he is asleep or he will cry.
I don't know how long T.J. will be with us but I personally do not miss the cries of a baby all night.
(Bad memories.. let me tell you.)
He is a learning experience that all young men and women should participate in.
Ok I gotta go.. T.J. will be home soon and I am trying to enjoy the quiet before the storm.


  1. First of all - I would be honored to be your long lost triplet!!!! Too cool. Your daughter is gorgeous. Wow. But, with a momma so pretty - what else did I expect? I dunno. Congrats on that's where you have been! ha. Good luck...great lesson. Love it!

  2. Oh my Lord, I did have a slight heart attack when I read that headline!! hahahahahaha - I've always loved this idea for high schoolers, pity about the crying they inflict on the rest of the family though!! And I'm laughing my head off at the lady screaming at dinner!! :)

  3. Ok...this is just plain ole funny.

    On a serious note..will your sister allow us an update? Prayers continue.


  4. you had me going there fora while .... pop over, I'll show ya the real thing ....just posted ... you're gonna be a great gram!

  5. My daughter had the same doll. Whew! What is a relief to get rid of that baby.... It did teach her a good lesson, though.

    Hope your sis is doing better!

  6. Gosh! I was ready to send you a GIFT!!!, ladybug!
    I think this is a great idea ... I've heard about them doing this ... good lesson. Now I can giggle!

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon
    **NEW BLOG**

  7. You've got to laugh at this one! I'm sure your pretty girl caused a bit of stir with her little plastic bundle of joy! ~ Angela

    P.S. - How is Angelique?

  8. What a great idea.....but I must say....that's not the cutest baby I've ever seen! :-)

    Warm blessings,

  9. this is so funny! lady you always put a smile on my face with your witty blog entries:)

  10. I remember having one of those! I remember even more my cheerleading coach having to take care of it on the sidelines so my grade wouldn't go down:) Ours had the ability to be set like "drug babies" but thank goodness our teacher didn't torture us that way. Could you even imagine?!


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