December 16, 2009

The one that got away!!!

My friend Meli Faif Life 
(who I swear is my long lost triplet)
magically knew that this would be my fav Christmas movie.
Oh it is!!!! I watch the marathon every year. I mean over and over and over.
I could watch it a hundred times and never get bored.

I do believe this is my favorite scene.
When Ralphie gets the pink bunny pj's from his grandmother.
Okay, I had older aunts and uncles.
One year Angelique and I received two pencils taped together from one of our aunts.
And another aunt gave us a HUGE gift!! It was wrapped so pretty. I could not wait to tear into it.
Only to find....panties and socks!! Mannnnnn....

But I love the way Ralphie obsesses over the gun that he must have for Christmas.
Haven't we all been there as a kid?
I know I did. You dream of it, pray for it, tell everyone that you are going to have it come Christmas morning.
Was there ever one toy that got away?
Ralphie was lucky.
I still dream of this...

The Peanuts Snow Cone Machine!!
I begged, pleaded, and prayed for this.
It never came. I should have gotten an " E" for effort.
I asked year after deal.
So for the inner child in you, was there ever a gift that got away??


  1. Hilarious, surely that pouty face on Ralphie is the best pouty face ever! ~ Angela

  2. Easy Bake oven!!!
    Mama said it wouldmake too much of a mess!!!

  3. Ok so I pop over to your blog and don't laugh I have never seen this movie so my husband says "WHAT" guess what I'll being doing tonight? Is that a hoot. I am some kind of dork hubby is staring at me how can you have not seen this movie. Anyway I love your blog love the baby thing in your last post.

    Thanks for sharing always a joy Blessings to you


  4. Yup, I love this movie too. And yup, we watch the marathon the entire time it's on. Every year.

    My gift I never got but wanted SO BAD was a pair of 'Turtle Bax' jeans. There were high-waisted and in 1974 or so were THE ultimate jeans to have. And I NEVER got them. Oh well, they wouldn't fit today anyway LOL!

    I love your haircut; I wear mine short too and wore it with the spiky top for a long time. I'm trying something a bit different now but it's still short.

    Thanks for visiting me; I just wanted to pop in and make a new blog friend. I'll definitely be back to visit again.

    Have a great Thursday!!

  5. "You'll shoot your eye out kid"! I too LOVE this movie, it is awesome!! Take care.

  6. I love that movie, you know what I never got barbie high heels

  7. You'll shoot your eye out, kid!


  8. Misty,
    Wanted to let you know that I am praying for your sister and for your family. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

    In HIS strength

  9. Hmm... I just realised what an indulged child I was, thinking back, there has never been a toy or present I have really really wanted and never gotten. Including a horse!! Don't get me wrong, we never had much money growing up, but my Mum (and my horseman Grandpa) made sure I never missed out. What champs!!

  10. Easy bake oven was it for me, too! I adore this movie---fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra.
    My husband and father-in-law(who passed away 3 years ago) would laugh so hard. Even when alone- out loud (which I do all of the time- but different when they do it). This movie is definitely a tradition for us, and now ELF, as well!!! Merry Christmas!!
    XO Kerry

  11. Hey Shuga... don't loses an eye! Loving your post and "SHUGA"..hehehe

  12. Ralphie is required watching every single holiday season! I LOVE that movie!!! I can't believe this but I can't think of a single thing that "got away" will probably come to me later! Great post! Have a super day!

  13. I am praying for you and your sister...keep us posted.

  14. I have the lamp. But - it's the lamp on steroids due to the fact that it is 4' tall. So sad - so true.


    I'll be watchin' the marathon with you fer sure!!!

    ;-) xoxo

  15. Uh, just a classic! I think the tongue on the flag pole is one of the saddest/funniest moments. I am feeling you on the Snoopy Sno Cone Maker. My friends had one, so I was okay. We did get the Easy Bake! Score. I would have to say a Go-Cart. I know.

  16. It comes from NETFLIX today...I am so exicted...LOVE that movie...who would have thought that would be such an ICON of a movie for so many of us.

    The TWO gifts that got away for me where a pair of WHITE MAJORETTE BOOTS and a
    TWO WHEELED BIKE...I gave up on the majorette boots...when I was about 8...and started asking for the BIKE....never got either one of those even tho I asked year after year after year until I was about 13.
    I bought my three grandkids....a for each of them... the MINUTE they asked for them.


  17. I have a cousin that quotes this movie constantly - my personal favorite scene is the tongue on the frozen pole. I remember a Christmas when I was 6 or 7 and wishing for a Big Wheel - Santa came through, too!


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