December 8, 2009

L.Y.L.A.S... Luv Ya Like a Sis

You always hear me speak of my other half.. my sister Angelique.
I love her to death.. that's my rock.
But since I fell in this amazing place I have made some friends that I consider sisters too.

Some of the finest women this world has to offer.
Some I have already met , and the rest I am waiting to.
 My sisterhood ranges from the...

bold and the beautiful ..
(from left to right ..Red neck, Primitiques, and Quixotic)

to the ...

Stunning and sophisticated .
( Fiona and Twig,Taking trash, and Common Ground,)

just to name a few.
I love my bloggy sisters.
All of my sisters are amazing. These are the women that you can....

laugh with...

cry with...

and pray with.

My sisters are the kinds of girls that will ...

 take their earrings off with you..
( thanks for having my back!!)

who are not afraid to wear stripes with you...
(Robelyn I luv ya !!!)

and will drink a mean glass of eggnog with you.

Who else

understands why your heart skips a beat when you pass a flea market?

Or knows why you are tearing up when you see this....

and who will not laugh at you for rockin' this lil' number.

I truly have a love for all of you...
I am glad that our love for blogs have brought us together.
I can't wait to see what the new year will bring for us.

Luv Ya Like A Sis!!!!!!!


  1. LYLAS right back! And I'm loving the hot lookin' retro chick you have standing in for me! ;-)


  2. Back atcha Girlfriend! Thanks for the rockin persona too (and yes, it's very appropriate that the only one with child bearing hips is me!!!). Mwah!

  3. What a nice post. I'm new to having my own blog, but I "get" what you're saying. I feel like I've already made a few good "cyber friends".

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower and commenting. I'm just now making the rounds to all my new followers as a result of my giveaway last week.

    Have a great week!

  4. That's me...the epitome of my nick & nora p.j.s and bare feet! Girl, I am such a hillbilly when it comes to wearing shoes! You are just too cute. Blogging sure does open the world and brings the most Fab U Lous people into it...namely you!

  5. very cool blog. Merry SITSmas. i'm glad i stopped by! count me in as follower 109!

  6. I love this! you are so funny and I just look forward to reading your blog every day because I know I'm going to get a good laugh, just wanted to say thanks for brightening my day:)

  7. First off! LOL. Lylas. Totally remember that. And maybe that is why I loved the name Layla so much???? Okay. You have me intrigued. Please shae...You totally have to classify me and put a picture with it! I am gonna do the same, so please don't disappoint! Love it.

  8. L.Y.L.A.S.!!!!!!!!! Why, YES I DO!!!!!! Dang... why the heck can't I look like you have me portrayed? I gotta go revamp my wardrobe for sure (but I'll keep the stripes!!!)! Those shoes TOTALLY rock!!!

    You are so fantastic - you and the lovely Angelique - I just love the both of you!!! I'm so glad to have met you!!! And what does the new year bring for us? I think we DEFINITELY have to wreak some havoc in the great state together - SEVERAL times - then we'll blog about it (do they have bloggin' computers in jail? hmmmm......)

    xoxo Thank You! I love this post!!! Now I'm off to sew some ruffles on my draws....

    ;-) Robelyn

  9. Isn't blogging great!! Thanks so much for visiting our blog and especially leaving a sweet comment. Much appreciated. Love your make it so fun to read.

  10. Aww! This is sweet! LYLAS too! ~Mindy

  11. Misty, wow, I almost missed this post! Thank you Sweet Girl! But golly gee, I haven't worn a shirtwaist dress since 2nd grade!!!. LYLAS right back! Hope you doin' good. Hugs to you, honey!


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