December 9, 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas ...list.

I went Christmas shopping today.
Whew I was tired when I came home and a tad sleepy.
( I think the huge margarita I had with lunch, with Mr. H, helped out some)
As soon as I sat on my couch- I fell fast asleep.
I dreamt of a White Christmas ..wish list.

my dream home.
(singing, " Some daaaaayyy we'll beee to geeeethhherrr.")
After my children have left home.. I am on a MISSION to make this happen.


Ever had visions of white diamonds dancing in your head??

Or a sugar plum fairy decked out in the latest Dior Couture?
How does your garden bloom?
Mine blooms in Chanel.


These boots were made for walkin'..
(wiping the drool from my mouth..excuse me for 1 sec..) 
right up to the bar in my matching jacket..
(Sorry PETA)
So may your days be merry and bright...
And may all your Christmas' be....white.

Speaking of my wish list...
I want to introduce one of my bloggy sisters!! .
If you want to meet a truly chic, fashion forward, and simply stunning woman of faith..
then swing by to see her inspiring blog.  I promise you will not be disappointed.
On top of being truly inspirational ( and flawlessly beautiful) she has the most adorable daughter that she dotes on. I so wish you would stop by and give her a warm,"Howdy!"



  1. Oh, those boots...channelling Rachel Zoe..."I die"....

    I love that it's snowing on your page...

  2. I love all the white!! And that room.. my goodnes! It is fantastic..when you get it..may I move in!!

  3. Morning, I found your blog at Cher's and I am happy to find another Texas blogger. Please come by and view my ever growing list of Texas gals.

    Hope you will become a follower.

  4. I've just come home from the mall myself and my feet are throbbing! Wish I could put them up on that sofa in the first picture :o)
    Thanks for this great post with lots of lovely images, love it!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Reid is my 33 year old son who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in October after having a tumor removed from his spinal canal. Yes, MD Anderson is a very good hospital, but the traffic down there is nerve wracking. :) I hope you're doing well and I'll be following your blog now! I'm afraid a white Christmas will have to be imaginary here.

  6. I love that desk with those french chairs.
    You are waiting for the kids to grow up... I would have to be single to keep up all that white.... My hubby's nickname "Messy Boy" he just can't help it. Beautiful images, I would break my neck in those boots, but probably die trying.

  7. Wow! Such a pretty post. And fun too! Those boots are amazing. Are they for decorative purposes only?! I shall dream of having them, let alone wearing them and being able to walk ~ these feet are made for walking in flats only. Thanks for the fluffy, cozy post! ~ Angela

  8. Oh, and thanks for sending your sis my way! So glad you introduced us! ~ Angela

  9. Lol Filigree Moon... I would wear those boots in a heart beat.
    @ Lee.. One day I will have at least a white room. My hubby is pretty messy too but when I get my room- and it will by room- no one is going in there.

  10. So suh-weet! I knew I had Haute right. Those boots don't lie. Thanks chica!

  11. Picture is perfect. I only wish I truly had porcelain skin. The pictures are just good. Thanks again for the love. That rocks.

  12. If you get those boots I will thumb-wrestle you for 'em... those things are rockin' out!!!!!!!

    My house looks like the top my head anyway...

    GORGEOUSNESS as usual!!!!!!!!!
    ;-) Think I can make those boots with needle and thread?

    ;-P robelyn

  13. I'm all for a white Christmas :) I loooooove that first pic...gorgeous!!! You have some fab taste girlie!!

    :) T

  14. Ahhh! I'm right there with you, sister! Lovely!

  15. Oh, I'm with you! Love the beautiful pictures! I would love a house like that too!

  16. Yes, that house would be a dream come true.. Hope it will be your's one day.
    Lots of fun things to look at here.

    Thanks for your prayers for my daughter. God has blessed her with good health overall.


  17. Such a beautiful blog!!!!We have the same taste I think!!! xOxO deb

  18. Where did you have the big old marguerita? I have been SO depressed since Cinco de Mayo closed down! That was my favorite marguerita place! That photo of the white tree against that blue ground is kick butt! Glad we found each other! By the way, I won't be tardy for the party! :)


  19. I think it's unanimous, you're gettin' those boots, girlfriend!
    Best be checkin' our mail.... ;-)


  20. WOw really Anne?? I can die a happy gurl lol!!!!
    @Moonlight - I tried to visit your blog and or some odd reason it won't let me. :( Anyway at Cheddars in Spring the MAui Margarita is hugeee!!!! It is 4.95 and it came with a shot!!! WOOHOO. I could not finish all of it- or the food!!

  21. Wow! Some dream, I will have to think white thoughts before I fall asleep tonight, maybe I can dream the same! LOL! And love those boots, yep, you really need them. Take the coat while you are at it. It's cold outside!!!


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