December 11, 2009

We interrupt this broadcast for this PSA....

Just a reminder .....
Monday December 14th is the deadline for

and our BIRTHDAY!!!!
( as of last week my hair was this color!!)

So if you have not entered to win...
you will be tardy for the party!!

you are going to miss out on some great gifts...

and  some simply divine cake!!!!

the balloons drop at midnight
December 14th ...

and the party will be over.

I personally hate to see a great party come to an end...
but thus is life.
If you don't want to miss out in the festivities
please place your RSVP here.
It is invite only and the bouncer will not let you in without it.
Ok.. Hurry up and

go shopping for a hot dress to wear

(minus that hat.. I'm not feeling that
and swing on over to the party!!
I will see you there!!!


  1. I loves me a good party. Your mason jar or mine? ha! ~Mindy

  2. LOLOLOL I'd like to throw my mason jar in as well...

    Oh, and I want that dress. I'm thinkin' it would look great with the boots... you know the ones....pointy toed, furry and SPARKLES!!! It is your birthday - I'm thinking black tie affair!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  3. You must be a long lost sister! - I can't believe you used to live in SF too. I would give ANYTHING to move back. We'd only be able to afford a shack there though! Then where would my shopping be- I know, non existant! lol
    You're so cute, have a fabulous day!!!!


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