December 11, 2009

Do unto others....

So my sister calls me and informs me that THE hair dresser calls her to
see if she will keep her usual appointment.
REALLY? What part of the game is this??

I am thinking this over....
OK. Give me her number I will cancel your appointment for you.
I call....

(I know the sound of Ghetto when it answers the phone. )
So I politely inform her of who I was and why I was calling.
I also informed her that my sister would not be returning to her shop for ANY of her services.
(Ohhh pleasseeeee)

You know why. I further  told "Baps" that the comment she made to my sister was COMPLETELY
UNPROFESSIONAL and just down right RUDE!!!
" You hurt my sister's feelings and I do not like that."
"Who are you to say anything like that to her or anyone else?"
She tried to give me a pittiful  apology. Bamquesiha (that's not her name- just appropriate)
goes on to try to explain that she did not mean it like that.

Once again, "Really? Then how did you mean it?'
Nothing buts ,"umms " on the other end of the phone.
Enough is enough. I'm tired of listening to this lame excuse.
"LIKE I SAID.. You need to learn to be professional and stop being so judgemental..
and GHETTO!"

I cannot stand injustice. Especially when it involves those who cannot defend themselves and my family.
I have to give it to myself, I was cool, calm, and collected.
But I made my point.
So, if there is anyone out there who thinks that you can get your "kicks" by trying to make the next man feel small.
Just remember this..
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.."


  1. Yeah for you!!! Very hard to be both emphatic and not rude at the same time. You gotta stand up for what ya believe in. I'm with you though, I would've really wanted to kick her butt!!!

  2. "Bamquesiha"....oh my gosh Misty, I laughed so hard my husband came running in from the other room to see what was up!

    This settles it, I'm definitely calling you next time I need defendin'! You rock, little sis!


  3. My family calls me, " the enforcer". I guess so huh?

  4. You go girl! I think God totally hates when people mis-represent Him and what He's like...and to do so as a professional person is detestable. I"m sooooo happy you gave her what for so maybe she'll rethink her bad theology and not brutalize someone else strapped in her chair.

  5. My dearest Enforcer...

    I think YOU ROCK!!! And I am laughing so hard... I don't want you ever mad at me (I promise, I will never pick on anybody) but I want a nickname! I mean - HELLO!!! Bamquesiha? Please Please? Can I have one? ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!! You are SO one of a kind Gorgeous lady, that is a fact!!! But seriously, I am so thankful that you had a chance to say what we ALL wanted to say... 'cept you have so much more style and grace - this redneck woulda' slapped some duct tape on Baps mouth and given' her a stern talkin' too...

    I adore you and am so glad you are MY sister too!!!

    ;-) robelyn (but surely you can give me somethin' better?) LOLOLOL

  6. "I know the sound of ghetto when it answers the phone"! I am still laughing, love this post and your being such a good sister!

  7. I am so pleased you got the opportunity to say it like it is!! Good one - using your power for good (and not evil :)

  8. *gulp, snort, gasp* OK - coffee just came out my nose at the "I know ghetto when it answers the phone" comment. Granted I wouldn't know ghetto if it bit me in the ass (white bread farm girl here), but I LOVE the thought of this silly you-know-what umming and ahhing and being totally caught out on the phone!!

  9. Quixotic- are you ok? I know that must have burned..ouch!!
    You ladies are hilarious!! Ya'll always make me laugh ..even when I am mad and about to take my earrings off. I probably couldn't even fight if I HAD too.. I would be laughing too hard from the comments in the background. No one would take me seriously. lol

  10. It's appropriate that she knows why she lost the business. You did a good thing!

  11. you did a GREAT thing! and for your sister...that's what sisters are for right! to have each other's backs.

    you know, i had to chuckle a little bit reading this. i was totally imagining what "baps" looks like in my head. and you referring to "ghetto" through the post, made the picture that much more fun to imagine. thank you!

    ps i like your new do! and even shorter...can't wait to see that!!


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