December 11, 2009

New hair

Ok I know the pic is small but I wanted to show my new hair with you..
I cut off about  4-6 inches off yesterday.
I am thinking about going real short next week..
tell me what you think!!


  1. It looks really cute, but like you said, it's a super small pic. I think you'd look darling with even shorter hair! Are you going to go blue like Angelique, too? ;-)


  2. I love it! You look fantastic!! :)
    Happy Friday,

  3. Love the hair and four to six inches is quite a bit. I hope the place from "I know the sound of ghetto when it answers the phone" weren't the ones that did your hair!! If it was, well girl, they did good! Take care.

  4. I love Angelique's blue and I love your new "do"! Very chic and modern looking! You're both dolls!

  5. Man, I had to put on my reading glasses to see that picture. But it looks good from what I can tell. I don't know about going shorter.

  6. Your new style looks so pretty ~ can you decide in 1 week to go shorter? Or have you already gotten used to it as it is now? Your sister's style is cute too ~ just wish the route to get to that point was not such a bumpy ride for y'all! Sisterly love is so great! Best wishes to both of you! ~ Angela

  7. I love your new 'do' you look fabulous! I also love the new winter look you got going on your blog both mr. rabbit and the snowman are so cool and vintagey! ~ Theresa

  8. Oh, you two are just so darn cute, love both of your do's!! I told Angelique that you guys need to go "red and green" for Christmas! whatchathink?
    love ya,

  9. Hi sweetie!

    First, thanks for playin the Yaya's Christmas give away...and I for one LOVE short hair! I think you will look great with it shorter...but, maybe you might want to get use to your new look for awhile and then make the decision? :)



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