December 29, 2009

Post it Note Tuesday!!!

So I am reading my daily blog roll and I see everyone with
stick it notes on their blog.
 Call me super slueth.
I found the source..
I love it!!!!
If you have never visited her blog.. you are in for a treat.
So here is my first Post it note Tuesday....

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Good luck to you with your New Year's resolutions. Mine is to watch what I eat and exercise more to try and lose these pesky pounds. Wish me luck!

    Wishing you the very best in 2010!


  2. Because of you I joined in! :)

  3. LOL Luvin' it! I'm diggin' out my post it note right now...

    ;-) robelyn

  4. Accountability partners... check. One cigarette in 2010 and we'll be on you like a chicken on a june bug!

  5. Hey girl! I'm gonna go and check out that blog!!!! And I'm gonna grab your button while I'm here too, so cute!! I wish you the happiest 2010! Much love, deb

  6. Good luck quitting! Woohoo!

  7. woot woot!! Yay!!! Give those horrible things away, it'll be the best thing you ever did!! You will be healthier, fitter, food will taste better, your clothes won't stink (you only realise how much they do once you've been stopped for a while!!) and you will have more money to spend on lovely things!!

  8. I quit three years ago... two to three packs a day... my two sons, my husband, and I quit with was not the scary drug it was made out to be... not for us... I got my life back... no more coughing all night... no more standing outside in the cold and heat and mosquitos... no more of the stench of it...I still chew gum alot... and if you haven't tried St. Johns Wart for nerves now would be the time to add this vitamin supplement... it will help. You will so be in my prayers, smoking is like a python wrapped around you... you don't have to live like that. If we can do it anyone can... find something to do with your time... play cards... go for a walk... anything to break the routine... you can beat it... with out gaining weight... drink six glasses of water to flush the toxins. My son is 35 and has been diagognosed with emphysema... he is so much better I am praying it has been reversed... as I will pray for you... no symptoms, no problems, no disease of anykind... healthy pink lungs for my sister, I ask it in HIS name. Amen... let it be so.


  9. So glad you are giving up cigarettes! My husband gave up his pipe a little too late...the day he checked in for his emergency heart bypass! Do it now, girl!

  10. I came here by way of Deb's blog (sparkling scrapbooks) and now I'm going to have to check out another to see about these post its! :> Good luck on quitting!!! Hubby quit about a month ago and is doing surprisingly well. Its the first time he's quit because he made the decision, not because I asked him to. And according to him, its been an easier task. So, I wish you both much success! :>


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