January 8, 2010

Kingston... Not Jamaica !!!!

This is Kingston...
My grandpuppy.
Taylor begged me for a puppy.
I do mean begged. She promised to do all kinds of chores if I would allow her to have one.
I was a tad bit hesitant. But I gave in.
I planned my surprise.
Our neighbor's dog had puppies the night of Hurricane Ike.
I asked for one. She was delighted to give Taylor a new friend.
( I do believe it was an unplanned pregnancy..lol)
So the day of the adoption while she was at school I made my way next door with my puppy carrier in hand.
This was a huge litter. I thought ," Which one ? They are so many ."
Kingston answered for me. He walked right up to me and sat in front of me. Once I looked into those beautiful eyes, I knew that he was for my baby.
I brought him home, gave him a bath and waited for Taylor.
Sheer joy and screams were all I heard when she came through the door.
"This is your dog. You are responsible for him."
"Yes Mam!!!"
She has never failed.

Last night was no exception.
(Due to his serious shedding , Kingston Ike Thomas, now lives outside.
Taylor cried when we made this transition.
Kingston loved it.)
It is freezing here. Taylor made sure that her "son" was inside and warm.
He is still housebroken and remembered all of his manners that she taught him.
He has grown to be a true member of our family. He does not like strangers who might even go near his mamma. But he is the most loving dog you will ever meet. These two have a very special bond.
It amazes me the way she loves and cares for him.
When she is away visiting her dad she ALWAYS calls to check on him.
I love her for that.
And I have to admit, I love my grandpuppy Kingston.
I cannot imagine our lives without him.


  1. Kingston is so adorable...your daughter is beautiful! And how lucky are you that she is so good taking care of him...shows what a good mama you are :) My daughters moan everytime I ask them to take care of our Pudge...but the funny thing is that they always say that she is MY dog...but yet...they picked out and I know they are kidding themselves...they love her lil divaness..is that even a word?? as much as she loves my girls :) Besos, Rose

    ps...I love the name Kinsgston Ike Thomas...our lil diva is named Lola, but when her fur grows out..she looks like a lil ball, so we call her Pudge..but she is actually tiny :) all fur

  2. Awwwwwwwww, sweet baby of fur!


  3. Lucky Kingston...to have such a loving family. However, I think Grandma needs to let Kingston stay in the house more! Come one...get a lint roller! :)

  4. Oooh Kingston is adorable! BIG doggie kisses Kingston! xoxo Julie Marie

  5. @ Malisa, I love him to death but a lint roller just will not cut it. Kingston SHEDS!!! I mean white fur everywhere.. all over my furniture, clothes, etc. And he is never allowed on the furniture. LOL.

  6. Awwww, your granddog is adorable!
    And good for Taylor for being so responsible!


  7. You're such a good grandmommy! He's a real cutie, and your daughter is darling! I don't blame him, I'd want to be inside in this weather too! Have a great weekend, Misty. I'm remembering Monday AM!

  8. lol at your lint roller comment! ha! Taylor is beautiful- and Kingston is a cutie!!! So you love Alice too huh! She's our fave, love her!!! Have a great weekend! xOxO

  9. Hey - I thought you liked fur!!! *snicker* ha! duct tape... duct tape lifts dog hairs...

    oh my gosh - HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am praying praying praying for you starting.....now! and all Monday too!!!


  10. Ahhhh.....what a darling little guy. Our pets really are part of the family, aren't they?

    I soooo don't want you to think I'm rude by not sending a note of thanks for the Starbucks card....I think it may have been lost in the mail during the Christmas rush?.....

    Praying that your surgery goes well and you're up and feeling wonderful very soon!


  11. aww, how gorgeous! I agree, bugger the fur, get some tape to lift it and have your grandpuppy in with you!

  12. Nothin' better than a puppy. Mine is now 3 1/2 y.o. and is one of the best things that has happened to me. PITA sometimes, but best friend and buddy always.

  13. What a sweet puppy!! I love the story of how you came to find him. Or rather, how he found you :) Dogs can just tell a loving heart when they see it!

  14. Hey girlie, Thanks for coming to my Birthday Party. Kingston is a little charmer isn't he? Oh yes mam I will definately keep you in my nighty nite prayers for a full and speedy recovery and a better leg to walk on. Peace, Mollye


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