January 9, 2010

When the weather outside is frightful....

Stay inside!!!
If it can be avoided. Sadly, I have to brave this weather and run a few errands.
Trust me, if it were not for my surgery I would never open my front door.

It's cold here today. A whole whoping 17 degrees!!!!
I hear your sniggles. That would be my friends from the north calling me a "Wussy".
But I am a southern gal. Granted, I love winter. The summer's here are just toooooooo hot and full of mosquitoes.

But this is a tad extreme.
(No this is not a pic of Conroe- I googled it.)
But this is how I feel. Every single heater in my house is on.

I am wearing my thermals, and my skull hat-indoors.
 I don't like this kind of cold. But I will tell you what I do like..
hanging out with my family. We will rent movies, play a few games, eat some serious comfort food,
and just chill.....literally.
Get it? Chill? LOL
(That was a joke.. you are suppose to laugh)
So wherever you are enjoy the moment , wrap up, and stay warm. But most importantly enjoy being with your loved ones.


  1. Love love love your background! Just checking in to say hello and send warm hugs.. We are warming up here..... Thank goodness!

  2. Super sweet sentiment. Crazy photos - that ice is ridiculous! Stay warm, and very best wishes for quick healing after surgery. ~ Angela

  3. Me too, stay cozy and warm!
    love ya,

  4. It's sooo nice to meet you and I love your blog!
    Especially that picture at the very bottom where it says GOD ISNT' FINISHED WITH ME YET. COOLBEANS! I've gotta show the pic you have on with thee iced over car to my hubs. He will freak out. We're chillin here in Arkansas too!
    READY FOR A THAW arent' you? If I had a skull cap I'd be wearin it indoors too!
    Have a wonderful evening... stay warm!

  5. Stay warm Misty, and enjoy your family time!

  6. Sorry..I can't even relate to those photos living here in Southern Cali...actually, I don't want to relate to them..lol. Cozy and warm and food and movies makes for a wonderful evening though. Love the blog...of course.



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